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Price Check on Taurus PT92 FS

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Geronimo-7, Jan 9, 2006.

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  1. Geronimo-7

    Geronimo-7 Member

    Nov 14, 2005
    I have an opportunity to purchase a used Taurus PT92 FS 9mm with 3 14round mags. It's blue with custom rubber grips and it's supposed to be in excellent condition (haven't seen it yet). He'll throw in a plastic locking case and 100 rounds of ammo.
    He's asking $325 for everything. I never owned a Taurus semi-auto or fired one. I'll be able to fire it before buying, but I'd appreciate what anyone has to say about this deal. Pros and cons.
    What's the difference between a PT92 and PT92 FS? Also, are the 14 round mags uncommon? I've never heard of that capacity in 9mm mags.
  2. Old Dog

    Old Dog Member

    Aug 11, 2004
    somewhere on Puget Sound
    The price corresponds to what my references indicate for value, though some might think it's a little on the high side.

    The model number should be PT-92 AF, not FS, although for a time they were marked "PT-92 AFS." At least in my area, I've seen the brandnew stainless steel PT-92 AR (accessory rail model) for $399 on sale or at the gun show. I see used blued PT-92s going for under 300. With the ammo and an extra magazine, though, the price may be a good one IF the pistol is in excellent or better condition.

    The magazines should all be 15-rounders, although the new Taurus mags are 17-rounders (and Mec-Gar makes 17-rounders for Taurus as well). The PT-92C model (compact) uses 13-round mags.

    I have a PT-92 bought new in 1991; it's an excellent shooter, totally reliable and more accurate than some Beretta 92s I've shot and owned. Overall, the PT-92 is an excellent platform for the 9mm, an easy shooter and many prefer the frame-mounted, down-to-fire safety superior to the Beretta's slide-mounted system, although few would argue that the Beretta doesn't have somewhat superior fit and finish.

    BTW, many threads on the PT-92 hereabouts, try the search function.
  3. mole

    mole Member

    Jul 21, 2005
    I second what Old Dog said. It depends on the condition of the gun as well as the magazines and ammo. Some aftermarket mags are junk and 100 rounds of Winchester white box is $11. Premium self-denfense rounds will be worth more than cheap plinking ammo.

    The price will also vary depending on where in the country you live. For example, locally here in Georgia a new stainless steel PT 92 AR with one 17 round mag can be found for $349 while in other states $450 might be considered a fair deal.

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