NEVER use 147 gr AMMO in a 9mm pistol?

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You know how QUIET my 150gr cast hp bullets are when shot thru my glock, and my ppx with my suppressor on either? Real quiet and they work fine.
I don't think HST 147-grain rounds were being made when this thread started in 2009. Certainly, they were not produced when the Chuck Hawks article (reprinted but not written by him) was first published. I've seen that article floating around for 15-20 years. It was mostly good advice back then, but bullets have developed much in the intervening years. 147-grain rounds for the 9mm still aren't popular, but the HST loads are good to go.
I use 147gr. loads all the time in my match pistols because they just seem to run smoother. It may all be in my mind, but what ever works. I've never had an issue with any of the 147 gr. loads.
I can't believe that you guys are responding to a thread that is 7years old...the first hint should have been that it was already on the third page


In the 16 years since this thread started, bullet technology has changed dramatically. Current loadings of the 147gr 9mm have very little in common with the loads mentioned in the OP

If it was important enough to add to the original, it would have been important enough to start a new thread.

I'm closing this necro-thread. If you'd like to continue discussing it please start a new one
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