QD Scope Mounts for SIG SHR 970

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May 10, 2004
Denver, CO
I was wondering if anyone new of QD scope mounts made for the SIG SHR 970. I have two, one in 30-06 and one in 270, both with a decent but cheap scope. I would like to invest in a high quality scope, because they are both amazingly accurate with the cheap stuff I currently have. It occurs to me that I could easily use the same scope on both rifles...just need the QDs for ease of use.

I have the leupold mounts on mine and they have performed flawlessly.

Go to leupold's sight and use their mount search feature to get the numbers.

The other option is to get the weaver mounts that fit the browning A bolt, IIRC you need two of the rear mounts.

Check sigarms website for the phone number of their CS in Newhampshire, they will be able to tell yoou the mount numbers.
I hate to hijack but where can you order barrels for the shr970? My brother will be commimg home from bootcamp in the middle of November 25-06 barrel would make a nice gift.

Extra Barrels

Actually, that issue was how I ended up with two complete guns. I had the 30-06 first and wanted another barrel to go with it, but found them hard to come by...and expensive when I did find one. I found a member here selling the complete rifle in 270 win and went with that. As both guns are synthetic stocked, I have been looking for a wood stock, but have not found one to "pull the trigger" on.
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