Quick Detach Scope Mount

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Feb 2, 2008
You ain't from around here, KY
ive always been a firm believer that a scope should not be taken off a rifle, unless its broken (scope or the rifle) or somethings wrong... or maybe you just want a bigger scope:evil:

so just how good are they? like the ones Leupold makes?

just how accurate are they?

will they return to the POI after several detachments and re-atachments?

how well do they hold up under use? lets say, for whatever reason i take the scope off and put it back on about once every 2 or 3 months?

how well do they hold up under heavier use?

anybody have a rifle with a set of quick detach mounts/rings wanna share any expirence?

I’m not sure about the Leupold, but I collect Paul Jaeger rifles and have several of there quick detach mounts. Both single and double claw. I hold these in much higher regards than any other manufacture. And they always return to 0. They require serious gunsmithing to install correctly on a gun not previously drilled for them. But if you can find one (usually several hundred) they are nothing short of the best.
I inherited a hunting rifle that had a scope mounted via the quick detach rings/bases. I decided to see if I could take the scope off and put it back on all zeroed up. No matter what I did I couldn't get it to come back to zero so I said the hell with it, took the whole thing off and just went with open sights for that rifle.

A week ago I tried mounting the whole quick detach setup to a different rifle - and hoping that the two side screws would properly center I kept on tightening until the inevitable happened and one of the screws broke in half. That time I said the hell with it for good, threw the quick detach setup in the trash - and got some permanent weaver rings.

Can't tell ya which brand the setup was though - somebody has to make a decent setup, but mine sure wasn't one of them.
I've often wondered the same thing. It would be nice to be able to swap between two different scopes on one rifle depending on the need without having to re-zero.

You see it in the movies all the time when an assassin puts together his break down rifle then attaches the scope and takes a shot...I always figured it was just Hollywood screwing things up as usual.

If there really is a GOOD quick detach mount I would sure like to know about it.
My experince is with the leupold qr mounts. My primary hunting rifle is a encore pro-hunter. All of the barrels have these mounts on them. T/C mounts are sort of hard to find ones that I like. Anyway in particular the 22-250 barrel I have 2 scopes one is a 6-18 leupold the other is a 3-9x40 bushnell elite. I use the leupold for prairie dogs using 40 grain slugs. The bushnell is for 55 grain slugs and is used for coyote hunting. They do not return to original POI every time. My findings is that they do stay within sub moa. Sights generally stay around 1/2 to 3/4" of original zero at 100 yards.

Also if I go out of state on a hunt I take a extra scope just in case I fall or something else happens to my original. That happened to a friend and he spent a good day leaving camp trying to find a new scope, mounting, sighting in ect. I figure BS if I spend the money to go on a hunt I am there to hunt not to compare the diffrence between walmart in Kansas and Walmart in Colorado.
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I'm happy and impressed with my Warne QD mounts.

I can take my scope off, clean the gun, and put the scope back on. It stays dead-on.
Not exactly "quick" detachable but I have used Weaver and Ruger rings as detachable for years and they have always been perfectly zeroed when put back on the rifle.

With multi-tool screwdriver they can be removed and replaced in a couple of minutes if needed.
I had doubts myself

So I tried Leupold QD mounts on a Rem. 700 in .416 Rem. Mag. I zeroed it at the range, took it off, came back the next day and put it back on. I shot a 3 shot group and repeated the scenario 3 or 4 times. I did not notice any change in group location. I have since put them on a Rem 700 300 RUM, and a pre 64 Win 270 and got similar results.
I store and transport those rifles with the scope off. All are also equipped with iron sights .
I put Leupold on my Omega .50 this past fall and took it on and off a 1/2 dozen times at least and it held its zero just fine.

Very nice to make cleaning a muzzle loader a whole lot easier.
Have quick detach on at least a dozen rifles and 8 handguns.....but like most things you get what you pay for. One of the pioneers of quick detach was the late great gunsmith Leonard Brownell, his design was later adapted by (early) Kimber, Dave Talley, and Warne. These are the only ones I've experience with.

Can't speak to other brands, but mine all hold zero no matter how times the scope is removed....great idea for those that wish to use scope then switch to iron sights.




I like the Leopold QD mounts. I use them almost daily on a patrol rifle and most of my hunting rifles. I have never lost a zero. I like it because when I travel I can break my Ar and huntng rifles down into smaller pieces and it becomes more discrete. Look at the Larue mounts. They are nice...
wow, i greatly appreciate the imput. seems like the leupold QR mounts are good goin' on the feedback im getting.

thanks a bunch!

nice glass by the way, zeiss is some top of the line stuff.
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