Radical Firearms AR-15s?

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Mar 21, 2015
Lebanon County, PA
I saw Atlantic Firearms has them on sale for $499. From the way they describe it, it sounds pretty good for the money.

I know it's a relatively new company, but it's been a couple years now so if any of you own or have experience with any of their rifles in 5.56/.223 please chime in.
I have a Radical Firearm in 6.5 Grendel. It's been 100% reliable and very accurate. For $499 I'd not hesitate on one of their AR-15's in 5.56.
I have one of their 7.62x39 uppers that has been been trouble free after about 1,200 rounds of mostly cheap steel case ammunition.
They are very high value rifles. You can get a Radical upper with free float for $200. Toss it onto a PSA $160 complete lower and add $100 for quality bcg/ch of your choosing.
I had a 6.5, the barrel wawnt as accurate as i would have liked so i swaped the barrels, then sold the upper a little later. I have the barrel still in my lightweight build. Function was 100% accuracy was acceptable but not what i was looking for in a heavy barreled gun.

I also have a .458 upper from them that has been a gem, functions 100% and accuracy has been quite good.
Check with Aim Surplus. I think they have the same rifle for the same price with free shipping. I ordered the 762X39 version from them. I'm picking it up Saturday from my FFL.
One of the local gun shops got about 20 of them in earlier this year.and put four our on display. A week later one of the display guns started having trouble,
the bolt would not go all the way forward with out using the forward assist. It was sent back to Radical. They ended up having to send 5 more rifles back to Radical.
My friend that worked at the shop bought one and it was short stroking and sometimes not eject. We cleaned it and polished the chamber and still had problems after putting 100 plus rounds through it.
The BCG had a lot of sharp edges and was was stiff. I put a Davidson Defense BCG in the rifle and it started working like a Timex.
He contacted Radical and they wanted him to send the rifle back so they could look at it. Not sure if he sent it back or not.
Just like most of the Co. that build and sale AR with their label on them, they don't make the parts. They buy parts and put them together. I think the batch the shop got just had cheap BCGs in them.
I do know that Radical made everything right with the gun shop.
I used one of their barrels in a 5.56 pistol build. Fit and finish was perfect, accuracy was what I expected, but the "pistol" wasn't as interesting as I had hoped, and was traded off. A buddy of mine bought one of their .300 BlackOut upper assemblies, and used his own BCG and CH. He says it is a good value.
As far as the lower end AR companies go, RA makes some of the best. I think that for a complete rifle, it would be hard to go wrong.
BCG is the biggest complaint I've ran across. I ordered one anyways with my pistol upper in 300 Blk. 2 jams in the first 25 rounds, once was buggered brass ( my fault) the other was the 2nd round through the gun (cheap S&B ammo). Im happy with the product, would like a 458 or 50 Beo from them sometime.
I built an ar off their 458 upper. Finally got it to the range only to find it won't feed.

In fairness to them their email response time was only a couple days. They asked me to take a picture of the bolt as they suspected that was the problem. Must be a known issue. Haven't done it yet so can't tell you how their cs is in the end.
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