Ran into something interesting at the range!

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Apr 12, 2007
I was shooting my 1911 in lane 10 (the farthest right lane) at my local indoor range last night. It was packed!

There was a fella in lane 9 (just to my left) shooting another semi-auto. He was putting all kinds of hot brass into my lane. I start retrieving my target when I notice that there's no target on lane 8! I look over and sure enough, that fella had left!

So, I kindly start trying to get the neighbors attention. He's reloading his .380. "Hey, buddy" "hey, you!" so, I tap him on the shoulder. and I say "Hey... Nice shooting!" he just looks at me and his lips move but I couldn't make out what he says. I'm like ..ok..he probably just said thanks or something. so I continue to my point "Hey, since we're both shooting autoloaders, do you think you could take up lane #8? I'm getting pounded with your hot brass. I can take 8 and you can take 10 if you'd like instead." he starts moving with his lips again and I still can't make out what he's saying with my muffs on and since folks are shooting, I"m not going to pull them off. Then I thought, ehe... I can't just ask this guy out of the range, that's just rude. besides, I'm the one taking brass to the face.

so, I continue shooting and just assume the guy in lane 9 is some kind of mush brain goober head...but he was shooting OK and safely, so I'm thinking ok he's got a communications problem...or he just couldn't hear me either. so, I keep taking brass to my face. After about 50 rds, I pack up. *short night* and start sweeping up my .45acp brass and seperating out his .380 stuff. He comes down and says something else that, again, I couldn't understand. So, I just nod and give him a thumbs up... what else am I gonna do? He pulls a memo pad and pen out of his pocket and writes down "Thank you for seperating my brass!" I say "no problem" then he writes "What were you saying about lane 8? I didn't understand." I then verbally tell him why. He says 'slow down' and I understood him and knew at that point that he's reading my lips! I then speak much more slowly and he gets it! He writes out "I'm sorry I was hitting you wtih my brass." I say "no big deal. Are you deaf?" and at this point I'm wishing I know sign language, it's hard to enunciate one's words.

he writes down "100% in left ear, 95% in other" "did it happen in combat?"
"born this way." so, we pack up and I stood around waiting for him to leave for a few minutes. I wanted to apologize for not catching on sooner, and I really wanted to know why a deaf guy was wearing muffs! He told me that the concussion from the indoor range gives him a massive headache if he doesn't wear muffs. He was actually very easy to understand outside.
I don't mind getting pelted with brass - as long as it is a caliber I shoot and reload :neener:

My wife will sometimes annoy people at the indoor range where we shoot. She shoots .460 S&W, usually 20-40 rounds at a time. If someone next to her is trying to shoot with any kind of accuracy they pretty much have to step back and take a break until she is done. She is particularly fond of "Oh my gosh, what the hell was that?!?" hot reloads :what:

And getting pelted with brass will also train a person to concentrate on shooting while ignoring distractors in the environment which is a good skill to have.
I get that "stand back and let him finish" reaction whenever I shoot 357sig at the indoor range...:p
great story....I wish I had stuck with sign language when I was a kid....schools didn't give it much thought back then and it didn't count as a bonified "foreign language".
The hearing-impaired...

have to be very patient with us hearing dummuses who "don't get it."

Wearing muffs on an indoor range tends to level the playing field! :D

And I betcha that even if he felt he didn't need the muffs (nothing left to lose) he'd wear them just to keep the RO, and other well-meaning shooters, off his back.

When I was teaching I dealt with hearing-impaired students regularly; generally the hearing-impaired get along very well in our noisy world.
Hey, at least it wasn't a CZ-52, I swear that gun kicks the brass out almost as hard as it fires the bullet.

I haven't met any deaf people at the range yet, though there was one guy who was gonna be if he didn't stop taking his muffs off to answer his cell phone while TinyGnat219 was shooting his 7.62x54R
If he's only got 1 ear working at 5%--he's got more to lose that someone with fully functional auditory equipment.

Interesting story. Since I'm in the sticks I haven't been on an indoor range in many years and you forget what it's like to deal with other shooters.
Spray and pray

While the AR-15 is no slouch at enthusiastically throwing its hot brass at other shooters, IMX, the undisputed champion brass sprayer is the SKS. Mine throws its brass straight to the right, over one shooter and onto the next! Or straight up. Or straight forward. Or back and to the right. (Especially if there's a spectator there!) Or straight down. Or even to the left, thought I can't understand how it does that!

I reload for my SKS, so I try to collect the brass. And every range trip, I can count on a few pieces disappearing completely. Must be that my home range is infested with--not centipedes (which eat Cu, no?) not nickelpedes (which eat Ni) but brassipedes, which scurry home with empties to feed their starving broods. There's no other way to explain it! :D
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