Random Gun Pics...let’s see how random we can make it

Here are a couple of budget blasters from years back, my FFL ended up with these the other day:

An Intratec 9mm, I believe it is a Cat 9 (?). A straight blowback 9mm pistol, the slide took quite a bit of effort to pull back completely.

The grip is almost Kahr-like, but the edges of the grip frame were squared off enough to make this an uncomfortable shooter. This, a heavy trigger pull and an almost useless narrow groove down the top of the slide for “sights” makes it about a three to five yard proposition.

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The second gun he dredged up was one I saw at more crime scenes and stuffed under more front seats than just about any other gun in the 1990’s, a Lorcin .380.

This one wasn’t in too bad a shape, I’ve seen much worse.The Zinc (Zamak?) slides were usually chipped and often cracked, the grips were commonly held on by electrical tape (if they were even there) and the recovered guns had often choked on at least one or two mismatched-brand fmj rounds in the magazine before the gun was dropped on the sidewalk as the crook fled the scene.

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Ahhh, the memories of fun patrol days long past…;)

Stay safe.
Yes, electrical tape seemed to be quite popular as grip material with our clients, also.
In "The Godfather" movie, wasn't Michael given a snubby with the grip wrapped with black electrical tape so he would not leave fingerprints on the grip?
NK agents captured near a port area, 1983-ish.
I see some Scorpions and maybe a .25 (?) with a suppressor.


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