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Range Report First time shooting XSE

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by EghtySx, Mar 16, 2005.

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  1. EghtySx

    EghtySx Member

    Apr 10, 2004
    Dallas, TX
    Bought a Colt XSE lightweight commander last week for carry and just shot it for the first time today. Went out with Dad and my brother to a berm we have way back of Dad's house. Didn't stay as long as we would have liked cause it got a bit chilly. Not having lived anywhere but Texas I am comfortable in 95 degrees but 40 is a little cool for me. We just set up paper targets first, as we always do before looking around for stuff to blow chunks out of.

    I burned through a WWB value pack and kept loading ball. Gun ran as smooth as they come and was plenty accurate. We didn't bench so I can't really say how accurate but I hit what I was aiming at with it about as good as I do with anything freehand. Dad was shooting his Kimber and my brother had his new STI Ranger II that went through Dawson. Man, the action on that thing feels like a swiss watch. (no prancing pony on it like mine though :neener: )

    Besides the WWB stuff we had some Winchester 230gr hollow points and some Cor-Bons, Gold-Dots, Golden Sabers, and Hydra-shocks. I was gonna run a couple/three hunnerd rounds of ball through my new gun first but somewhere along the way I noticed Dad had given me a mag full of some hollow points, looked like Golden Sabers. A little later my brother was loading mags so I started just getting a mixture of everything available. The good thing about that was, I never could tell what I was shooting. It all ran fine with no hiccup whatsoever through the about 300 rounds I put through it today. I gotta admit, I am a Colt guy but with the way guns are now, and what I have owned and my family members own, I fully expected to have to do some work on this gun to get it to feel and run like the others. After today I have decided that I will just carry and shoot it for a while, not gonna mess with it. BTW, it was the lightest pistol there today too. That STI was the heaviest.

    When I bought this pistol, the woman that sold it to me, whom I have dealt with before and will deal with again, told me that the price on these things had gone up lately and that it looked like they were getting a little scarce as she had to "call around and find one". I was OTD for well under $900.

    I would recommend this pistol to anyone.
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