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Range Reports: HK USPC .45, Beretta 92 M and Walther P22

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by axeman_g, Mar 8, 2004.

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  1. axeman_g

    axeman_g Member

    Jan 26, 2003
    South Jersey
    I had the chance to go take a shooting lesson from an NRA instructor on Sat and thought it would be a good time to wring out some new purchases.

    I brought along my newly acquired HK USPC .45, Walther P22 and I picked up that day from a FFL transfer, a Beretta 92 SB Model M compact. Here is what I found out ...

    First, when you are trying to shoot for accuracy use a gun your familiar with. Oh well ...
    lesson learned.

    This is a nice gun I purchased from a very well known gentleman at BerettaForum.net. The Model M 92s are single stack, compact versions of the fullsize 92. I personally have always thought the 92 series is one of the best looking designs ever put forth. I owned a Border Marshall 92 FS a few years back and while I enjoyed it, it is a large gun with a really bulky feel. The M model is distincly smaller and feels more balanced, less bulky. The gun was delivered as described, night sites, Beretta hard plastic grips, 95% finish, some wearing on edges, noticable only on sights. It came with three mags with finger extension floor plates, only one of which appeared to have been heavily used. Blueing is a dark almost black shinny gloss. A very nice looking piece. Cleaned it up and then breaking my own little foible of replacing all pre owned gun grips instantly (the only replacement grips are Pearce, and I want to keep the Beretta logo) I scrubbed the gun down and put it back together. This gun was a LE detective trade in I was told, and it looks rarely fired. There is no wear on the locking lug, in the barrel it is a mirror finish and the frame is in perfect shape.
    I got used to the MOA and took my lesson. Learned some new things and really learned that I must make it a point to slow down, adjust my grip pressure, and smooth my trigger action. The gun shot perfectly, 100rds of American Eagle 115gr. Only complaint, the sites, although nites are hard to see during daylight hours. I dont know what to do about that .... Great handling characteristics. I was putting together 2 inch groups at 15 yds with my last 20 shots. Nice gun and we will see how it grows on me.

    HK USPC .45:
    I really wanted to like this gun. Great feel, size and power. I have always disliked the size and feel of the fullsize USP's. This gun felt great. I am sorry to say, it shot horribly. I just could not get it to group, all shot strings driffed down and to the right. (I am lefty). This drifting told me that I was anticipating the recoil and tightneing my lower grip. Well, I loosened my two fingers and started limp wrisiting..... ugughghghghg. I put 100 rds through the HK and it just never felt right or shot well for me. I could not explain it.

    P22: Another 200 rds, another great time. I really tried to work on slowing down and my trigger control. One FTF, but DA pull again the round went off. Something wrong with the round because the brass had two distinct and sufficiently deep enough pin marks.

    I went back out on Sunday and shot the P22 50 more rounds and then the HK. I shot the HK much better, enough to make me drop any plans to trade it for a Glock19. I think I will always be better with 9mm then .45, but I will keep working on it.

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