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Re thread: Reading Aljazeera, here's more stuff for thought:

Discussion in 'Legal' started by matis, Oct 18, 2005.

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  1. matis

    matis Member

    Dec 25, 2002
    I used to live in the USA; now I find myself in th
    That thread veered toward the struggle between Israel and her neighbors.

    Here's food for thought about the United States:

    Europe died at Auschwitz.

    · Written by a Christian Spanish journalist

    · Sebastian Villar Rodriguez.

    I was strolling along Cours Raval (Barcelona) when I suddenly realized that Europe died at Auschwitz: We assassinated six million Jews to import in return twenty millions Muslims;

    We burned at Auschwitz culture, intelligence and ability to create; We burned a people of the world, people that proclaim itself "God Chosen" because it is this same people that gave humanity emblematic figures capable of changing the face of history (Christ, Marx, Einstein, Freud) people that is at the root of essentials towards progress and well being.

    We have to admit that Europe, by relaxing its borders, and with the doubtful pretext of tolerance by bending to a fictitious cultural relativism, has consequently opened its doors to twenty millions Muslims mostly illiterate and fanatic& Muslims who prepare, at worst, attacks like those of Manhattan or Madrid, Muslims cramped in apartments provided to them by official Social Services.

    Therefore, we exchanged Culture for Fanatism, Ability to create for Will to destroy, Intelligence for Superstition; we have exchanged the Jewish instinct of transcendence which, even in the worst imaginable conditions, have always aimed at a better world of peace, for a pulse or urge of suicide; we exchanged the pride to live for the fanatic obsession of death: our death and that of our children. What a mistake we have committed!


    Some, who know better than I, say that for Europe it is too late.

    Will we allow the "enlightened", the "humane" and the "compassionate" among us -- those who decry ALL violence, even that of self-defence -- will we allow the America haters among us to guarantee that it's too late for us, too?

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