Recommend .45Auto/9mm Loads...

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Oct 26, 2005
I'm loading some .45 auto rounds for my 1911.
Powders I have for both .45 auto and 9mm Luger are Alliant Blue Dot and
Alliant Power Pistol.

Bullets I have for .45 Auto are:
Hornady 230gr. XTP-HP,
Hornady 230gr. FMJ-FP Encapsulated,
Speer 200gr Gold Dot #4478,
Rainier 230gr. plated HP and
Rainier 185gr. plated HP.

9mm for use with my CZ 75 SPO1 pistol.
Bullet for 9mm Luger are:
Hornady 115gr. HP-XTP,
Speer 124gr Gold Dot #3998,
Montana Gold 124gr JHP,
Rainier 124gr plated HP.

The reason I'm loading these different types of HP and the FP is to see how they feed in my pistols.

Data and any other related comments are appreciated.
Thanks Much
Blue-Dot is not real suitable for either caliber.

You could use it, but in almost every case, it would be a compressed load to get even close to the same velocity you would get with less Power Pistol, at lower pressure.

As for me looking up & recommending loads for 10 different bullets in two calibers?

Not trying to be smart with you or anything, but you need to get yourself some reloading manuals and figure some of this stuff out yourself.

I would go with Power Pistol. You can easily get std, and high velocity loads with it at std pressures, and it meters very well. I especially like PP in 9mm, where you can achieve 1200 fps with those 124's, and it works well with cast bullets too. If you like muzzle flash, PP is just the ticket.

Another two I like for both is WW231 and Unique... Might consider them next time you are buying. Ever consider a good cast bullet for your 1911? Go together like butter and toast, and 99.9% all I shoot in mine and SIG P220. A good place to start with getting proper data is at the Alliant site, where you can use there online data, or order the newest free manual:
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