Reid Stainless

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Jeremy Reid

Oct 11, 2011
Build sheet:

Golfballs by Rogers Precision

Supply and fit Kart barrel, match bushing, deep crown and polish
Supply and fit Ed Brown SS, reprofile and machine serrate
Flush cut Slide Stop and chamfer frame
Fit EGW wide/lowered TS, reprofile, additionally lower, and wrap serrations
-add material to lug to prevent overtravel and frame damage
Supply and fit/blend Les Baer grip safety
Trigger job with Wilson hammer and sear
Supply and fit long STI trigger
Supply and fit Chen Mainspring, bevel magwell, roundbutt
Supply and fit Nowlin Mag release, slant and serrate
Supply and fit two Caspian extractors
Supply and fit EGW FPS
Flattop and Serrate Slide w/ double arrow pattern
Supply, fit, reprofile, wrap serrations, and refinish Heinie Slant pro rear sight
Supply, fit, regulate novak front sight blank
Lower and flare ejection port, add live round relief
Supply and fit wilson ejector
Supply and fit plunger tube, polish plunger tips
Complete dehorn, high cut, line straightening
Bead Blast entire gun
Test fire
Blend rear of frame and slide
Supply and fit Larry Davidson grips










Love the dehorned look. Bet it feels great in the hand. Threads like this make me start thinking that maybe I need a 1911... one of these days. :p
Great pistol. I too would be proud to own it. I'm not really a big fan of that much blending though. Just an aesthetic thing for me.
Congrats on having such a nice piece built. Outstanding workmanship right up to the (plastic?) trigger! But then, that's why they build fords and chevies.
Whoa--absolutely stunning! I agree--that is the best fit grip safety I have ever seen.

On another note, when I first skimmed the comment
Great work on the dehorn..
, I thought it said "Great work on the dremel..." ;)
Wow... just wow. It's a beauty.

I love the subtlety of the dehorning. Angles where there should be angles, but softly. ;)

And for all the handcrafting and beautiful touches, you resisted the forward cocking serrations. BRAVO! :D

Too bad we don't have a :drool: emoticon...
Thanks guys, I appreciate all of the kind words.

The trigger was at the customers request. And while a plastic trigger sounds cheap, the STI's are really one of the better triggers on the market (extremely light and the bow isn't too long). Especially if somebody wants a long trigger.
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