reload data for hodgdon H110 Powder

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I agree H110 probably isn't the best choice for those bullets.

Thats not a hard bandwagon to jump on, especially in 44.

H-110 has its place... but that would be behind Gaschecked hardcast lead, TMJ, or JHP's.

Unique, as mentioned- works great for all the lead. Its what I'm going to try with my plateds... somewhere around 12 grs.

I'm loading my first plated in 44 this week- we'll see how it goes. Not my usual forte, but I picked 'em up in trade....why not use 'em.
I have no problem using H110 w/ a plain base 170 grain lead bullet. The alloy is 96/2/2 and I have no leading. I never bothered to check hardness because it works. Load it w/ 14.8 grains so I'm very close to max charge. The bullet is sized correctly for my barrel :)

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Unfortunately, none of the cast bullets the OP mentioned are indeed, plain base.

Bevels allow a much lower performance window with hot powders.

Mebbe im crazy....but I did some research based on a theory of RC's- and its not a theory anymore. To me, anyway.
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