Remington .357 Mag Brass?

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Gearhead Jim

Feb 12, 2003
I have about 500 rds of once-fired Remington .357 Mag brass, unplated.
When I used to buy commercial reloads, the ones in .45 Auto Remington brass had much less pull resistance than others. My own .380 reloads have less bullet pull in Remington cases than other brands, but not so extreme. I don't know how long the Remington brass lasts before cracking, compared to others.

If the Remington .357 brass is good stuff, then I'll get some more and starting loading them. But if they are sub-standard, I'll just go with another brand.

  1. Remington brass is OK. I wouldn't call it substandard although there are better brands. In these shortages, take what you can get. For what it's worth, I use it often.
Remington makes good brass. Not great, not bad, just good. I have R-P brass that’s on its fifth loading. I also only load R-P brass with lead <160gr @<1000fps. In other words, I reserve it medium loads only.
Stick to moderate pressure loads, don’t over crimp and don’t let it corrode. It will last a long time.
I’ve not had any issues with RP brass, in several calibers. As with any manufacturer there certainly could be batches that are less desirable, but I haven’t found any.
500 in .357 would last me quite a while, as I usually load .38. Yes, I know some people load .38 in .357 cases, I just haven’t gotten there yet. Good luck.
Remington brass can run a little thinner than others, causing lower pull resistance. This can be mitigated by using a smaller expander. I use Remington 38 Special brass exclusively when loading HBWC bullets because of it being thinner, less deformation of the thin skirt.
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