Rented a bunch of handguns: VP9, Rhino, Coonan, PPQ, CZ75, etc.

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Excellent write-up. I will agree with all the CZ guys here. I don't have one, buy I have a Baby Desert Eagle, which is essentially a CZ clone. My experience with an FNX-40 is nothing like you write about here. Mine gets regular carry time.
I own a four inch Rhino, and my experience has been quite the opposite of yours. The trigger on mine is just fine, and felt recoil is much lower than with a standard wheelgun. To me, magnum loads feel like .38's, and .38's are even lighter. Some of the earliest guns did need some trigger work. It also requires a slightly different grip than you're used to, due to the lower cylinder gap.
I also have a Rhino and I have similar experiences. In fact, dozens of people have shot mine and loved it. Sounds like a bad example in the OP's hands. Bummer.
Of course H&K can be in second place. They are fine guns generally, but as a rule they are also overpriced and subject to all of the same flaws and issues that any other pistol is subject to. They just happen to have a particularly rabid fan base is all.

Sure they can be in second place, every person is different.

I'm not seeing gLOcK-esque failure reports with the VP9 like you did with the Gen4 beta test.

HK makes a quality gun and whether you can afford one for your use is solely up to you.
Very different type of guns on your List.
If it would be just a comparison between polymer- pistols, i would chose the ppq. It took me 2 years of shooting different guns until i picked the ppq as my first pistol.
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