Reversing the CA Compliance on an AR

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Sep 21, 2012
So a buddy calls me up last night and says he just bought his very first AR, starts describing it and soon realizes he's got the bullet button for his mag release and that it's a CA compliant.

Which is fine, but we live in Kansas and he'd like to get rid of it obviously. So here I am with a dozen of these things and plenty of experience but I've never even held a CA compliant rifle let alone thought of purchasing one to do a reverse conversion or even bothered to read up on what ca compliance means because again, we're in Kansas.

So I'm wondering two things. A. How hard is it, all the videos and stuff I saw are just people describing it after the fact but are vague on the protocol.

and more importantly B. What parts do I actually need to sort my buddy out? Do I just grab a complete mag release kit and replace all of it? Or can I just snap the loctite on that sucker and slap on a new button by itself?

Also like to know if there's anything else I need to inform the guy of thats different for the CA compliant models and anything else I'll need to help him fix? Thanks for any insight.
It is a 1-minute job to remove and replace with a normal magazine button and spring.

Most bullet buttons use a standard mag catch. Unscrew the recessed part of the button using a correctly sized screwdriver, and remove the parts.

Re-insert the mag catch with a standard spring and screw in to the standard button.

Yup, if you know how to change a mag release you can just swap out the bullet button for a regular button.


Most are just held in with a screw...must not be a Rad-Lock
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