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Dec 27, 2009
I am new here and joined after reading some informative threads here. My question is this. For years I have hunted deer in Missouri with a Remington 710 rifle in 30.06 with cheap Nikon scope attached. Recently I started having problems with rifle, bolt sticking, bolt locked closed after firing and rifle not firing when the trigger is pulled. So to say the least, I have never been satisfied with this rifle but at the time of purchase it was all I could afford. I have decided to spend $1000 to $1200 on a rifle to upgrade. I would like to stay in the 30.06 caliber as I still have a couple hundred rounds 165 grain. So for the money what would you buy? And why? Would you switch calibers?

My thoughts are I should spend half on the rifle and half on the scope. In the past most of my hunting disappointments were scope related. I would primarily use the rifle to hunt whitetail deer in Missouri, but I have also gone to Montana to hunt Mule Deer and Elk. Where I live in Missouri it is mostly wooded however where I hunt there are several places where I could make 300 to 500 yard shots. I have not looked for a rifle for years. My thoughts are I would purchase a Remington 700 rifle or something close to it in 30.06 with a Leupold VX-3 with CDS scope.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. I would consider any advice helpful. Thanks.
I would look at more that one brand of rifle. But that's just me. I've had good luck with ruger's and howa's. The only remington I have is an old model 788 in 308 but it is a honey of a shooter. I thought I couldn't shoot anymore up until a few weeks ago then I replaced the scope on it with a Leupold. I can now say that I can still shoot it rather well since the new scope solved the problem. Definitely go with the Leupold.
First of all.... Welcome aboard...

I've been looking at a hunting rifle in 30.06 for myself. Looking at the New Winchester 70, the Remington, and Ruger. Another rifle that I have been impressed with is the Savage. You get allot of value for the money, which you can then put in to a great scope. The Savage you can order with almost anything you want from the factory.... Wood or Synthetic, Straight or pistol grip, iron sights or not... Etc... Take a look, you might like what you see.
Savage 116 or 114 with a Zeiss Conquest on top...should come in just at $1200 after tax, tag and title!
I would stay with the 30-06, but IF your concerned, the 300WIN,MAG. is another good choice. But really, the 30-06 is all you'll ever need for the application you describe!

The Savage 116 Accustock/Accutrigger is sweet! If your into stainless and synthetic stocks.

For now, I would stay away from the Remington SPS series.
Some of the guys like the Tikka's....
Welcome to THR, folsoh.

First off, there's nothing wrong with Nikon scopes as they are reasonably good scopes at reasonable prices.
You should be able to get a nice rifle that feels right to you for the allotted amount that you mentioned. I would stay with the 30'06 chambering regardless of brand.

Savage 10 or 110 not sure which for the 30-06 would be my choice. Or really any of Savages offerings would be great. No way I'd pick up the Remington over the Savage. The other option I'd look at is the Marlin XL 7. I still prefer the Savage though.

That's if you want a bolt action. If you want a semi auto I'd look at the Browning BAR.

For scopes I'd get a decent Burris Fullfield II or step up to a Zeiss like mentioned or similar.
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