Rizzini field guns———opinions and experience, please

High Plains

Jan 10, 2021
Thinking about getting a Rizzini O/U 12 gauge for upland birds, and maybe clays. Who has first hand experience with this Italian beauties?
BR-110 sporter with the adjustable comb
I love mine. It fits me better than a Citori did.
I’ve actually got it at Briley in Houston right now getting 20/28/410 tube sets made for it. This means it’s most likely a forever gun at this point.
I’ve used it in 12 gauge for clays, trap, skeet, and field hunting. It takes pheasants no problem. Maybe a little heavy for most for field carry.
I splurged on Briley choke tubes as well.
I have the Rizzini BR110 Light Lux in 20 & 28 gauge. My opinion- they are a work of art. My experience- zero, they are both unfired. Not a fact I’m proud of.
I know they are beautiful guns, almost picked up a used 28 gauge target model with 32" barrels, had $3400. Picked it up and mounted it. Felt like it was custom made for me. Wife would not of been understanding if I had brought that one home. I still regret not getting it 10 years later.

My buddy I shoot skeet with bought a field 28 gauge model, I don't know what one it is, but he brought it out to shoot skeet with, had the auto safety on it so it would reset safe when opened. He broke an 18 with it, as he is a 21 average, not too bad for a new gun he had never shot. He had me shoot it, nicely balanced, a bit light for a target gun, but would be great for a hunting gun where you carry a lot and shoot seldom. I broke a straight 25 with it, kinda made him cranky when I told him he must of got all the misses out of it before he handed it to me. :D He turned around and shot a 22 with it afterward, made him happier. I would not want to shoot it all day even though it is a 28gauge, with it's very svelte weight it did kick a little too much, just a bit over 6 pounds if I remember right.
That's the one thing I noticed about the 28 ga. Field model I shot also. Recoil was bit snappy. But, definitely a gun I could carry hill and Dale all day long.
If you buy one, make sure to post some pictures here. I've not seen many of them in the wild.

@entropy , what's the story behind that manufacturer? I've not heard of them, and their double guns look nice for the money.
They've been making good guns for a long time, but this is their first foray into US sales. Like Perazzis, you can go there, ( North Central Minnesota) get fitted, design the gun the way you want it, and it's built to your specs in Italy and shipped here. The worst thing I can say is that the buttplate selection is rather spartan. They do offer a wood buttplate.
Not a shotgun but I have a Rizzini 90L express rifle chambered for the .30-06. Owning a DR was a bucket list goal for me. The 90L came along when I had some money to spend. Beautiful gun obviously built on a shotgun frame. I am sure that Rizzini would fit a set of barrels to it if I sent it to them. Maybe someday.
I went for the 20 gauge BR 10 with 28” barrels. For a production gun it fits better than any shotgun I have or have used. Recoil is almost non existent probably due to it fitting so well. The trigger needs no adjustment. The stock looks like Bastogne walnut.