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Ruger Redhawk Cylinder Locking/Jamming Issue with Corbon Hunter, Ammo or Gun?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by Evergreen, Aug 12, 2011.

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  1. Evergreen

    Evergreen Member

    Jun 16, 2009
    Seattle, Washington
    I wrote about this on another forum and a person scared me saying that I could have a locking issue with my Ruger Redhawk. The gun is brand new and I fired it for the first time today at the range. It worked flawlessly for about 150 rounds with every ammo except the Corbon Hunter. Somewhere in the middle of my shooting session I tried to shoot the Corbon Hunter and after the first round the cylinder jammed. The rounds extracted easily and I was able to shoot another 70 rounds or so without any problems of other types of ammo. What I like to know is if people think the issue is the ammo or my gun. I am worried because I will be travelling soon and will be using the gun for outdoor defense and don't want to worry about it failing on me due to mechanical error.

    Anyway, I have included pics of three various ammos. The Corbon Hunter is in the middle and I believe it is the round that I suspect is causing the problems with my gun. My feeling is that the ammo is the culprit, not the gun. I believe if the ammo was the problem, then I would have experience problems shooting the other heavy rounds with even longer length noses.

    Here is the image, if anyone can tell me if they see any issues with the Corbon ammo I would like to know.


    I am worried and don't want to send my brand new Redhawk back to Ruger, because of one hiccup. However, a person on another board said it could be a cylinder or locking issue. He seemed very serious about it.

    For anyone who wants to know, I fired my ammo in the following order:

    About 20 rounds of 240gr Fiocchi JSP
    18 rounds of 340gr Buffalo Bore hard cast lead
    18 rounds of 320gr Double Tap hard cast WFN
    Corbon ** This is where Jam happened **
    Discarded Corbon
    Mix of 60-80 rounds of Fiocchi, MagTech, DoubleTap 320grs
    No More Problems..
  2. retDAC

    retDAC Member

    Jul 11, 2011
    Huntsville, Ala.
    You have an ammo problem. The other ammo you fired would seem hot enough to rule out any hyper sensitivity (for lack of a better term) to hot loads in general.

    The gap you pointed to in you pic should not matter as long the COAL (Cartridge Over All Length) is not excessive. I.e. the bullet nose is not past the front edge of the cylinder in any chamber.

    After firing that first round of Corbon, did one or more bullets start to pull from the case? Enough of this would cause a nose to hit the forcing cone.

    The "resin" certainly should not be there. Since the case moves back when a cartridge is fired, anything stopping it from returning forward would cause the cylinder to freeze.

    Where is the fired Corbon case? Does it completely look normal?

    Get the lot # from the box and contact Corbon. Tell them what you told us and ask their advice.
  3. hardluk1

    hardluk1 member

    Mar 27, 2009
    nc mountains
    As said above . This is something you sould talk to corbon about
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