S&W 28-2 Question

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Deaf Smith

Feb 7, 2004
How does $300 for a S&W 28-2 6 inch barrel .357 sound?

Blue is fine, action is tight except for a slight amount of cylinder end shake (not much but just a little.) Locks up on all chambers.

Rear sight is good but the top of the blade needs touchup re-blueing.

Has standard springs in. S&W wood checkered stocks (not target stocks.)

$300 flat. Includes used but good old style Hunter holster.

That would have been an okay price....ten years ago.

Five years ago, $400 or $450 would have been okay.
These days?
That would be a steal. Grab your wallet. :)
I don't think you can beat that deal for that price. Last time I bought one they were going for over $400.

They are an economy version of the model 27 with dull bluing, standard grips, and standard trigger/hammer.
your getting taken. send me the guys contact info and i will let him take advantage of me instead.

any $300 N frame is a great price.
For a Model 28 Highway Patrolman in a heartbeat. While it isn't the Model 27 at $300 I would buy it in a heartbeat. Maybe quicker. :)

Ok. I gave him my word I'd get it tomorrow.

Yes $300 for a N frame, any iN frame, is a deal.

I also have a 4 inch 28-2 but it needs a new rear sight.

I'm surprised that you even had to ask here. I'd simply have bought/promised to buy it and then kept quiet and not posted here until the gun was in my hot little hands. THEN I'd gloat to all of THR over my good fortune.... :D
Just got 300 bills out of the bank.

I see him tomorrow and it will be mine.

Photos come later.

For $300 dollars, the seller either doesn't know what he has...or does.

If you did your checks thoroughly and you're quite certain there are no issues, buy it and bring the guy a six pack. But I'd give that HP a second, very close going over.
I looked it over quite well, plus the guy is a friend of mine.

I really don't think he is trying to pull one over on me.

I think he feels to trade it in will bring about the same AND he knows I'm a N frame guy. Actually a S&W wheelgun guy (but only older wheelguns.)

Will see tomorrow!

Ok gun is home. Shoots maybe 1 inch to the left with PMC 158gr SP .357s at 10 yards (but with S&W small standard service grips.) Tight groups!

I clean it up today, check the internals, dig up some old 'Gripper' rubber grips, and reload some .357s.

Then, weather permitting, tomorrow shoot again. Photos will be done tonight.

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