S&W 642-Mika or Nemesis Pocket Holster?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by Mr. Tettnanger, Jan 27, 2008.

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  1. shovel99

    shovel99 Member

    Mar 19, 2006
    Mika or Desantis? Both was the right answer!

    I have and use both Mika round and square bottom... and desantis nemesis for j frame scandium 340 SC and Kahr P9, PM9's.

    I prefer the Mika for the Kahrs: the hold open feature holds back your pocket to it is easy to clear the weapon in a hurry, and the kahr shape doesn't lend itself to sliding out.

    On the other hand, like others above, the withdrawal is so slick that I too found my 340 on the floor of my car, or worse, sitting next to me in the restaurant! :uhoh:! The nemesis will not do that.

    At first, the nemesis sticks to the gun and requires a good swipe against your pocket top seam to leave it in the pocket, but over a few weeks it adaptes to the gun, loosens up in just the right way... and provides just enough grab to keep the gun in my pocket.

    My scandium J weighs 15 oz loaded, and the Kahr 21 ounces loaded... and that 30% increase gets me back to the J frame periodically. Then I go to the range and fire my first cylinder of lifesavers... right out of the pocket, as I would to save my life... and that light little bugger always shoots 6" high as I relearn how to control 15 ounces of dynamite. Not good, Batman. So I am mostly carrying the Kahr which is less likely to do so out of pocket. And 7 rounds of 440 ft pounds better than 5 rounds of 250-290 ft. pounds any day.

    Just my $.02

  2. SJshooter

    SJshooter Member

    Nov 8, 2005
    I vote Mika!


  3. JERRY

    JERRY Member

    Jun 5, 2003
    if i may, the Safariland model 25 is a fine pocket rig, it is very thin and conceals well, however....it costs a whopping $25.00 and is not ambidextrious.
  4. jaydubya

    jaydubya Member

    Nov 20, 2005
    Sandy Eggo
    Mistake. Mod please delete
  5. jfh

    jfh Member.

    Aug 28, 2003
    Maiden Rock, WI

    My gunsmith friend carries his 642 in a Nemesis. It's well used--and it's a limp rag that flops around; he carries it in his offisde hip pocket.

    I have both a Nemesis and a Mika for my M&P340. I've only tried the Nemesis once or twice, until my Mika got here for my M&P340. After eight months of use, the Mika still holds its shape nicely. I carry daily in my onside front pocket.

    Jim H.
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