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Dec 12, 2006
has anyone received the 50 dollar or 2 mag rebate for an M&P handgun?
I sent mine in over 2 months ago and have heard nothing. :fire:
Coming soon....

I bought a S&W 686P and mailed the rebate stuff in on November 2, 2008. I just now called the rebate people (1-888-426-4650) to check the status. The nice lady asked for some info... I could hear keys clicking... a pause ensued.... then she asked if xxxxx was my correct address. Upon my affirmation that the address was indeed correct, she reported "You should have that rebate in hand within the next 10 days, sir." We'll see. :D

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Yeah, it took me about two months to get the $50 rebate on my Sigma, and then it took almost that long again to get the two free mags.

Bummer that you had to choose either the mags or the money. I got in on an earlier deal.
I've been waiting for 2 mags since 12/10/08. Folks on the M&P forum recommend waiting for 10weeks before giving S&W a call! :what: It seems they have been busy with purchases during December.
It takes awhile,after mine took awhile i called and verified that received my receipt to reassure myself and i eventually got my check
I think it took 4-6 weeks (as the rebate clearly stated) to get the $50 rebate. After 8 weeks without the mags I called and the automated message said mags were being shipped out as they came in, so I thought I'd give them another week or two before I'd call to speak with someone. They came in the mail the next day, by coincident.
a year ago last december they offered that same rebate. I got the magazines pretty fast but it took months for the $50 to come along..
I have been waiting since mid / end November and emailed them last week and they said they have been pretty busy processing the rebates and to expect the full 10-12 weeks. I'll wait a few more before calling... Glad to know it's not just me waiting.
I bought a Plastic M&P during the first rebate program when it was $50 AND two magazines. Check and clips arrived separately, some time apart, both over three months out.
I bought a 638 day after Christmas (which had a cylinder problem, so it got shipped to them and the cyl was replaced), and dropped the rebate in the mail the weekend following my purchase. My dad bought his S&W a month or so before mine, and has still not received his rebate. My gun got there, was repaired, and got back already.

Methinks they just kinda have their hands full. They were off/closed for like a week around Christmastime, so they're probably just starting to get over their backlog of stuff to do. Nov. and Dec. were crazy-busy firearms months, after all.
I was in on the earlier rebate deal: two free mags and $50; sent the paperwork in back in April. I got the check within two months, but it took about another 6 weeks for the magazines. Be patient. They'll get to you eventually. With the feeding frenzy of the past couple of months on guns and ammo of all kinds, I expect S&W has quite a backlog right now.
a year ago last december they offered that same rebate. I got the magazines pretty fast but it took months for the $50 to come along..

I forget, exactly, how long it took for mine but it was probably 8-10 weeks, total.

Yep. Just gotta be patient. Think of all the guns sold since 11/4 and how many rebates S&W has to process.

I dropped

S&W an email yesterday asking when the next two mag promo might take place. The nice man told me he did not know.

I think at the moment no sales inducements are necessary.

This hoarding and fear reaction fulfillment won't last another year and prices on handguns will retract 10%,, just my prediction. None of the HG Manufacturer's have given back the raw material price reductions, their margins are strong but with high demand, time to make hay...as they say.
Not that I care to share my misery, but I'm glad to know it isn't just me who's waiting. I sent in my $30 rebate for a new 642 in early December and was starting to get a little upset with the wait. I guess I'll sit back a while longer and hope for the best...
My two $50 rebates got here just within the time frame that S&W indicated. I still have a $30 one on the way which should be here any time.
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