SA 1911 serial number question

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Apr 17, 2007
I've been told that the letter 'NM' before the serial number is made in the US and the 'N' is made by Imbel of Brazil. I have a new Mil-Spec model that has the 'NM' and the trigger and fit is way better than my Loaded model that is made in Brazil. I also saw a Mil-Spec recently made in Brazil and again trigger and fit was no where near my Mil-Spec. Is this true or I'm just misinformed.
The NM models are especially prized because more work on them was done in the US, and fit and finish on them tends to be higher than the regular N roll marks. While all the forgings for all models are made by Imbel in Brazil, the actual location of the finishing work can vary. Generally, the less expensive Springers are fully finished in Brazil, with more and more being done in the US as the price goes up, but the NM numbered ones are indeed higher quality.

Your mind isn't messing with you. You lucked out on the draw.
I have a NIB, unfired Springfield Armory MIL-SPEC that I've owned for quite
some time now; but just never have gotten a'round to firing this weapon.
Upon dragging it from the safe today, with its "N" roll mark shining ever so
brightly; this firearm appears to be superb in every aspect. Fit and finish
(matte/parkerized) are beyond reproach; as the rear of the extractor sits
flush with the rear of the slide (a problem first noticed on a customer's
Springfield Loaded model last week, as his extractor protruded about 1/32
out of the rear of the slide- a problem that he wasn't happy about). Slide
to frame fit on my MIL-SPEC is perfect; and it has about a 6 lb, trigger
pull from the factory. Imbel seems too have gotten things "RIGHT" on
this fine firearm. Maybe, one day real soon I will get it to the range in
order to give a full range report here at THR~! :uhoh: ;) :D

I have a very early SA 1911A1, acquired brand new in 1988. Serial number is NM27XXX. Fit and finish are of the highest quality throughout the gun, even though it is just a typical parkerized Model 1911A1.
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