Selling a KelTec SU-16 rifle out of state to California

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Mar 15, 2008
Need a quick answer to this question. Would I run into any problems if I sold this rifle (for anybody not familiar with the SU-16 its folds up and uses AR mags) to someone that lives in the California Bay Area.
I live in Florida. I don't need any problems in my life with the law.
Thanks for any input on this idea.

You would need to check with a dealer in California or with the DOJ and see if it is on their acceptable list. As goofy as California is, I doubt if it is on the list. I Googled California Gun Laws once and I believe that the SU-16 comes under several of the definitions of an Assault Weapon. By California standards anyway.
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Generally speaking....

I doubt you have a CA compliant model that will have a bullet button. I think..maybe ... the CA version also has a slightly longer stock?

100% sure that it needs a bullet button to be CA compliant. (LEO exceptions can come into play)

He won't be able to pick it up unless it has it.

And don't even consider not using a FFL and sending it directly to him.
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Based on the Calguns AW Flowchart an unmodified SU-16 is considered an Assault Weapon (Detach mags + folding stock). You would have to fix the folding stock in the extended position to make it legal.

Here is an older thread which covers this topic...seems well thought out response and not much has changed in regards to AWs in CA since it was posted. That was a quick Google search, sure you can turn up other examples yourself.

Personally, I would avoid this sale. Kel Tec produces a CA legal SU-16 with a non-foldable stock. Steer the buyer towards that.

FYI, there are two lists in CA. The AW list says what you CAN'T have, and the Handgun Roster says what you CAN have. Generally speaking anyways.
Further research indicates that certain models, those which fold and don't allow the rifle to fire, are most likely legal in CA at this time with no modifications. Assuming they meet the other restrictions in regards to length, etc.

Not sure which particular model you have, but if it can fire while folded, then most definitely no.

See this thread:
He can send you a bullet button and you can install it to make it good to go. The folding stock is what's going to kill the deal. Unless you remove it and ship it with it off the rifle, in the meantime tell him to get a fixed stock.

He can keep the folder and if he ever moves out of CA he can reinstall it. That's about the best way to go about getting the deal done.
If the rifle has CA on it as its model number, something like SU-16 CA if memory serves it is California compliant. Or at least was at the time. If it just has a single letter like A,B or C its not.

I would go to Kel-tec's home page or Kel-tec Owner's Group KTOG and scroll down to SU-16. They love answering questions.
I WAS WRONG ABOVE and edited that post.

I was thinking of the SUB2000 that has a pistol grip. A pistol gripped rifle changes a lot of things in CA such as requiring the bullet button on a semi auto center fire with detachable mags and with a pistol grip.

From the kel-tec site.

The SU-16CA is a hybrid of the SU-16C and SU-16A rifles. It comes with the same 16-inch barrel and 1/2-28 threads as the C model. All features from the C model are retained and combined with the stock of the A model. The SU-16CA will come with 2 10 round magazines that store in the stock and all the same Parkerized parts as the C model. Like the A model, the SU-16CA can be folded for storage and it will not fire in the folded position. This allows for it to be purchased in most states that still have an "Assault Weapons Ban".
From the factory configurations...
...the Kel-Tec SU-6A, SU-16B, and SU-16CA are CA legal.
... the Kel-Tec SU-16C, SU-16D, and SU-16E are not CA legal.

Possible complications, because the SU-16CA has a threaded barrel...
^If a flash suppressor/hider is installed on it, then the SU-16CA needs to operate using a fixed 10 round magazine (maglock + 10 round magazine).
^If a muzzle brake or a thread protector is installed on it, then it is CA legal and no mods needs to be done to the SU-16CA.

In order to be CA legal...
^The Kel-Tec SU-16C needs to have an overall length of 30" or greater with the stock folded and needs to operate using a fixed 10 round magazine (maglock + 10 round magazine).
^The Kel-Tec SU-16D is a SBR, which makes it too much trouble to deal with to make CA legal.
^ The Ke-Tec SU-16E needs to have an overall length of 30" or greater with the stock collapsed and needs to operate using a fixed 10 round magazine (maglock + 10 round magazine).
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