Shooters World Clean Shot Powder FYI

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There is a whole line up of powders so it's good to see that the poor market has opened up holes for competition. Unfortunately they are not made in the US.

Graf and Sons has/had the Nobel Vectan brand

So there are some handgun powders out there. Although not the common ones we are used to seeing,
It seems powder shortage is coming to an end.

I have managed to restock all of my pistol and rifle powders except for Promo which I have plenty of.

While I am curious how non-domestic branded powders shoot, I have well developed accurate loads using Accurate/Alliant/Hodgdon/Winchester powders.

After 4th of July, I am finally hoping to do more shooting than chase down powders.
I've been seeing a complete lineup of Norma powders at my local gun store also.

I have two local powder retailers within 35 miles who keep a good supply. Pistol /shotgun powder availability of the domestic brands is erratic, but I'm well stocked up on pistol and rifle powders.
I'm in good shape.
Even though I leave in a pretty large populated City/County, no one carries reloading supplest except a Bass Pro which is pretty far away. I wouldn't buy there anyway due to prices. All my stuff is online.
Thanks, I am good on powder. I have purchased from Recobs in the past.
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