Shooters World Clean Shot: Where did it go?


Dec 24, 2002
I really like this powder for 9mm minor PF loads but can't find it anywhere.

I do see some Shooters World powders in stock.

Does anyone know why Clean Shot is not?

I realize Accurate #2 is a reasonable alternative along with VV320, Action Pistol and others but I'd prefer Clean Shot in my perfect
My thoughts are that it was on the shelf when others were not because nobody had tried it so thus it was not in their list of options. Roll forward to now and many that tried some liked it and it was available on the shelf so they stocked up accordingly. The current import backlog is slowing restocking just like the other non us propellants. Now if they could ramp up the primer supply chain we all would be in the chips LOL.
The unavailability of Clean Shot and some of their other powders has been disappointing. Especially since they tout "consistently in stock powders" on the Shooters World website. As noted, many similar burn speed powders are now readily available. I have some #2 that I'll be trying as an alternate to Clean Shot.
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The Shooter's World powders are all Lovex powders, made by the explosia factory in the Czech Republic. They get them in huge bulk lots, and repackage it...some for OEM/Manf, and some for sale under the Shooter's World label. They were the only consistent in stock supplier for many years, even during the other past shortages...until this one. So many people started using them, and discovered how great they were, that they have been unable to keep up. Some powders, like their Precision Rifle, out varget varget and have gotten amazingly popular. Some of their powders sell out really quick, like Clean Shot and Tactical Rifle for example, some are starting to build up inventory and aren't as hard to get now but their most popular powders have a long backorder list. I've got an OEM account with them, and have a lot of stuff on an ongoing order...for the past 3 years Clean Shot get's filled about every 8 to 10 months...when I get a shipment and billing notice for it.......I always see it simultaneously show up every where at once. Sometimes their account manager guy will call me and say "we just got "x" powder in, and we're packaging it up, you want to put in an order?", which is really cool of him to do, and it has gotten me to try things I otherwise might not have. If you get it OEM from Shooter's world, it will have a plain white label with the Lovex Nomenclature, and a lot number. The Shooter's World label has the Lovex nomenclature on it under their branded name as well.
Just a follow-up to my earlier post suggesting Accurate #2 as a possible alternative to Clean Shot.

I loaded up some light 44 Mag rounds using 200gr MBC flat nose coated cast bullets, and Winchester LP primers in PMC 44 Mag brass. The only difference in the loads was the lot of bullets and the powder (7.5gr of Clean Shot in one, and 7.5gr of #2 in the other). The densities of the powders are close, requiring a rather small adjustment to the powder measure when switching powders.

I shot 10-shot strings of both loads from a 4 5/8" Blackhawk with the following results:

Clean Shot
Average Velocity 985 fps
Extreme Spread 17 fps
Standard Deviation 6 fps

Accurate #2
Average Velocity 940 fps
Extreme Spread 20 fps
Standard Deviation 7 fps

I fired them rested from a bench at only about 15 yds and in this particular instance the load with #2 powder grouped noticeably better.