Shooting Ranges in the Palm Beach County, Fl Area

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May 15, 2009
Florida, USA
I’ve lived in Orlando for a few years, and have always had great experiences going to ranges, gun shops, etc... I was (actually still am) a member of a private club there that basically let me do whatever I wanted to do. All they cared about was that I was safe. Rapid fire, reloads, holsters, you name it, and they didn’t care. I got used to shooting at the outdoor range on a 1-2 time a week basis, and being my own RSO. Now that I moved here, I went looking for a local range that I could go to. From what I have found, there’s nothing.

I went to one shop, Gator Guns and Archery. I walked in, with a smile and began looking around. Someone asked if they could help me find something, a very nice guy in fact. I told him I was looking for a good place to shoot, and that I was new to the area. He told me that they had a range and it was right through the double doors. He told me that I could take a quick walk back there and check it out. I walked through the doors and saw a man behind a counter, with a small window you could see into the range with. I told him about my situation, and he pointed out that they had a rifle range and a pistol range. They were indoor, but that is something that I can get over. Of course, there is not rapid fire, holster, and a range nazi that freaks out if you have more than one gun out at a time. I can get past all of this. I tell the man that I’ll try it out, and I go to my car and get my firearm, fully properly encased, eyes, ears, target, and a box of ammo all in a range bag. I brought it in and they told me that they needed to search my bag. Apparently you are not allowed to bring your own ammunition. Without my permission, he reaches in my bag and grabs the ammunition on the top. I grab it back and tell him I’ll take it to my car. At this point, I’m fairly sure I won’t be coming back inside, but just for fun, I ask the prices. They’re selling the ammo for like 4 times the price I got the same stuff for at Wal-Mart. They said that that’s what they buy it for, and of course I tell him to go to Wal-Mart, and laugh as I walk away.

Come to think of it, with the holidays and whatnot, its been almost two months without a single range trip...

Does anyone know of a decent range around here that people can go to? I don’t want to drive 3 hours all the way to Orlando to go to the range on the weekend. But I’m surely not going to be staying around here if this is what every place is going to be like…
I don't know if that's the same range I went to once but was told that is a county-wide ordinance...not allowed to shoot your own ammo at a range. I have no idea if this is actually true but either way it's probably one of the stupidest things I have ever heard of. I have never gone back to Palm Beach County to shoot. Take the drive down to Broward County...a few good places to shoot and no dumb ammo "ordinance".

There is Lake Worth Shooting center, but I have not been there in years, and have heard(no first hand experience) that they require you to buy ammo from them as well..

They say it is for insurance purposes, but I find that hard to believe, as Gator lets me bring in my own shotgun ammo, as long as it is lead not steel.

I have lived in the West Palm Beach Area for 10 years. If you find a better range than Gator Gun, let me know, as I have been looking for one for years...I am even willing to drive up to an hour away at this point to find a good outdoor range.
I was inside Gator Guns . . . . ONCE :what:

The closest outdoor ranges for Palm Beach County are:-

1. PBC Sheriffs range - open one or two weekends a month for public long gun - no handgun

2. Okeechobee shooting center up in Okeechobee - probably about an 1hr dr up the Beeline - nice range - nice folks - good RO's - own ammo - decent prices

3. Indian River county public range off the I-95 up in Sebastian - probably 1h 30m + ride up I-95 from PB county - nice range - nice folks- solid RO's - own ammo - county run public range - decent prices

4. Martin County Sportsmans Society range up Palm City - Private range with membership requirements. If you shoot very often, the membership will make it worthwhile - don't know much more about this.

5. Shoot Straight is apparantly opening a new range out on Southern Blvd somewhere - indoor range - heard you would be allowed to use your own ammo (no reloads), but then pay a higher entry fee - don't know much more about this.
Some others:

Palm Beach Shooting Center (off of 10th Avenue near I-95) now allows you to shoot your own ammo. They still don't allow reloads, though.

The Markham Park target range is about an hour's drive away from PBC, but they have a ton of stuff - rifle ranges, skeet and trap fields, a sporting clays course, etc.
AWorthyOpponent, you should have stayed in Orlando! :) Ranges here are plentiful but costs $125 to $300/year.
It wasn't palm beach but, I went shooting in Ft. Myers last year on vacation and same thing. You had to buy their ammo and THEIR targets too. What a rip. I'm surprised I didn't have to hire someone to shoot it for me:banghead:. they did have free gun rental on 1 day of the week so that was cool.
There is a Pawn Shop with an indoor range on US1 (South side) between the Vero/Sebastian line. The price is $10/hour and I could even shoot my 500 S&W Mag.
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