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Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by thebluemax, Nov 18, 2011.

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  1. redraidermgr

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    Jun 17, 2008
    Lubbock, Texas
    My wife enjoys shooting and likes to go to the range with me. In fact she has made it clear that the next gun we buy is hers (bodyguard .380 from S&W). Right now she is bummed out because she is having carpal tunnel surgery next week and hasn't been able to shoot for a couple of months because of the pain.
  2. iLikeOldgunsIlikeNewGuns

    iLikeOldgunsIlikeNewGuns Member

    Oct 11, 2011
    great thread

    Now I gotta ask, are there any ladies on this forum who introduced their man to shooting???

    I've been with my girlfriend for about two years now (but it feels like much longer! hehe not in a bad way), and she had never pulled the trigger of a firearm before she met me. She was however, a 'pyro' of the sane variety, and lover of fireworks and black powder. I happen to get into shooting early on with black powder, so the first time we shot together, it was mostly .22s, black powder .44s, and a Winchester model 1912 with light loads. We have shot together countless times at this point, and though she doesn't join me every single time I go to the range, I have to deal with her being 'ticked' off every time I go without her! She does understand that it is my number 1 favorite hobby/sport/meditiation/passion, while it isn't for her, but she really does very much enjoy shooting at this point :)

    I took it slow with her, and like others have said it wasn't long until she was 'hooked.' She's never been afraid to try any particular caliber, including the magnums, and like most (but not all) of the women I've taken to the range, she seems to be better with a revolver than a semi-auto. She is most proficient with a rifle, great with a shotgun, and decent with a handgun, and we're always continuing to improve her skills with every trip to the range.

    Here's a vid of my lovely lady shooting my 629-2 with a 4" bbl. Not her first time shooting .44mag, but it was her first time shooting one this small, first couple times she fired .44mag was in my Super Blackhawk and there had been more gun to absorb the recoil, still, I think she handled it quite well! (any time I let someone shoot a gun they've never fired before, I hand it to them with just one round in it, and if it's a wheel-gun I leave the first chamber empty partially for safety, but more so they can get a feel for the trigger first)

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