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Shotgun selection for wife...

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by IrvJr, Nov 18, 2007.

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  1. IrvJr

    IrvJr Member

    Jan 6, 2003
    Hi All,

    My wife has agreed to try skeet shooting this year. Currently, I own a Browning Cynergy 12 gauge O/U shotgun that I really like. However, I am concerned that my current shotgun might be too heavy and kick too much.

    My wife is kinda strong (was a three letter athelete in college) for a woman, but I don't know how well she'll handle recoil. I was thinking about getting a used Remington 1100 in 20 gauge, because the gas operated action would probably be easier on her shoulder. However, the 1100 is kinda heavy - in the 7 to 8 pound range.

    I also thought about a used Ruger Red label O/U in 20 gauge, which according to the Ruger sight is about 7 pounds. I thought the lighter weight of the gun might help with fatigue, but was concered that the recoil might be stout with the lighter O/U. I could try reduced recoil loads in it and maybe stick a kick eez recoil pad and a cheek eez cheek pad on it.

    I also thought about another Browning Cynery O/U - they have a field grade 20 gauge with the Inflex recoil pad (which really helps tame recoil on my 12 ga) and it only weighs about 6.25 pounds. However, this is a pricey option.

    I currently don't reload for shotgun and I buy field loads at Wal Mart. However, if I have an O/U, I wouldn't mind buying some reduced recoil target loads for my wife and let her try that in an O/U 20 ga gun.

    Any suggestions on what to select?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. springmom

    springmom Member

    Dec 20, 2005
    Spring TX
    She needs to try out several and see what she wants. Do you have a shooting range nearby where she could try several different types? All in all, that's the best option.

    Obviously, she ought to try yours out to see how she does with it. Myself, when I got a shotgun, I opted for a 20-gauge semiauto. Once it gets broken in a bit, it's really quite manageable recoil-wise, and I had a limbsaver put on it as well. I went out and tried it out yesterday for the first time after getting the recoil pad and it was awesome.

    But the more different types she can try out, the better informed decision she can make.

  3. sm

    sm member

    Dec 22, 2002
    Between black coffee, and shiftn' gears
    Will Fennell.

    I suggest round trip air fare and blank checks for the wife to see Will.

    I assure you, Will and his wife will let her shoot a variety of guns and they can assist with picking one out and getting it fitted to her.

    Mrs. IrvJr will bring you back a T Shirt , hat and coffee mug ,and tell everybody she knows, she has the most wonderful husband there is.

  4. BridgeWalker

    BridgeWalker Member

    Aug 20, 2007
    Lansing, MI

    -Felt recoil is a function of tecnique and gun fit, not body type/size
    -Women can handle recoil
    -Women athletes who understand the importance of correct form and stance especially can handle recoil.
    -Women can handle a gun as heavy as they are comfortable with as long as it fits them well.

    Your wife needs to choose her own gun. She at least needs to be involved in the process. It sounds like you've talked her into trying your sport, but like you don't want her to actually deal with any of realities of your sport--like the various trade-offs in weight, recoil, and power.

    If she is gonna be a skeep shooter, she needs to understand recoil and weight and gun fit and all those wonderful things. If you pick out a gun for her based on which one will feel the most like not shooting a gun, she is unlikely to be successful at shooting.

    I'm willing to bet she'd enjoy shooting your Cynergy. Why don't you start from there and see how it feels to her and from there you can start the search for her gun with some more useful information.

    "She's a woman" is not information that is in any way useful in choosing a gun. "She shot my Cynergy and she liked it, but <insert problem here>" is a more useful statement.

    Also, if a Cynergy is not too pricey for you to shoot, why is it too pricey for her to shoot? Maybe you should take turns with the Cynergy, if there's only room for one in the budget... :p

    Seriously though, she just needs a gun that fits her a proper technique. And you need to respect that her ability to handle a gun is very, very unlikely to be inherently lesser than yours.
  5. Jeff F

    Jeff F Member

    Mar 9, 2006
    Silver Springs NV
    I agree with Springmom that she needs to try out different shotguns and see what she likes. Then after she picks out what she likes try and get it fit to her. My wife can handle an 870 very well even with 2 3/4 inch Magnum loads.
    Shes fired a few 3 inch mag loads but says they kick to hard. Most all of her work on clays has been with light field loads and she has a lot of fun.
  6. pete f

    pete f Member

    Dec 7, 2004
    lots of high school girls shoot trap and skeet with 12 ga, you just use the right loads,

    I would most definitely find someone who can help her get fitted to a shotgun, There are some very good dealers in NH, NewEngland custom gun in plainfield has a good rep as does Renaisannce firearms in Gonic as dealers who carry good stuff.
  7. IrvJr

    IrvJr Member

    Jan 6, 2003
    Thanks all for the replies.

    I'm definitely trying to get her involved in the gun selection and gun fit process. I'm not trying to insulate her from the details of the sport and would like her to be fully involved.

    i was thinking, however, about a 20 gauge, based on recent experience. I went shooting with my wife's friend (who is also a good athelete, similiar stature, etc.) and she mentioned that the gun seemed kind of heavy and the felt recoil with the field loads was stout. I think gun fit might have been the issue here (I'm 6'2", my wife and her friend are about 5'8" or so each) - I have the LOP increased on my shotgun from its stock configuration.

    I'm a little concerned that my wife might get soured on her first skeet shooting experience if the gun feels too unwieldy, doesn't fit her well, and if the recoil seems stout. A friend of mine, who introduced his wife to skeet shooting, mentioned that he and his wife picked out a 20 ga gun for her to start so they could have it fit properly for her.

    I think starting out with the Cynergy 12 ga and some target loads sounds like a good initial plan. I'll also check to see if we could arrange to try out some different guns and have her see what kind she prefers.
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