Should I trade my HK USP 45 for Springfield 45?

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Springfield Armory is only Springfield Armory because some guy just bought the rights to the name. Their 1911's outside of a TRP are worth about as much as scrap metal. Definitely NO go here.
I own examples of each and agree with the majority and recommend you keep the HK. Springer's are far from garbage, however, they aren't an HK.
Since everyone is so quick to say how much better the hk is. I'll trade my usp for a TRP if I can get any takers. No if its a gi model some hack worked on then I agree with some of the above. I think this is the type of question one really needs more info before making a definitive statement about.
Should I trade for a modified Springfield 1911 .45. Modifications include, allegedly by a gunsmith, a Stormlake threaded barrel.

Was the work performed by a real gunsmith? If there is no proof, then do not get that gun. You have no idea how that barrel was fitted and SACS may not honor their warranty. Why not save up for a new SA 1911? You will know what you are getting.
Do not trade a gun that you know works for one that you HOPE will work.

"Some gunsmith" is a big caution sign.

If you can afford one gun, you can afford two, for a while at least. If you crave that SA, scrimp, save, and buy it. I bet it will be there for a while.

I did not keep my USP .45 because although it was accurate, reliable, and reportedly durable, it was a poor fit for my hand size and I could not shoot it as well as a 1911.
If it had been a 9mm, I would likely still have it.
Next to, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help".

"allegedly by a gunsmith", is the second scariest combination of
words in the English language.

You forgot: "Sergeant, hand me that map. I will call in the artillery strike."
I am not specifically calling anyone out in this thread, nor am i disputing that the USP is a good gun. Just saying there are a lot of HK fanboys out there and they are not the perfect pistol for everyone. The same, incidentally, is exactly as true a statement doe 1911 fans. Both are good guns, both have pros and cons, and both have a fair amount of hype surrounding them.

My advice is that if you really don't have a preference, I don't see the point. Jim Watson was absolutely right in his advice in that regard. Otherwise, go with what you like and what works best for you, and don't get caught up in the hype either way.

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Hmmm, I still haven't gotten any PM's on my trade offer. Given the comments in this thread you'd think I'd be beating them off with a stick.
I am fortunate enough to have both a TRP and an H&K USP 9mm Compact. Different guns. I wouldn't trade either of mine for the other, if you get my meaning. The H&K is my dead-reliable, never fail, simple to operate, always goes bang, 9mm. The Springfield is something different. More complicated. Shooting it requires thinking. Carrying it requires thinking. Cleaning it requires thinking - it's just a more complicated pistol than the H&K. It is still dead reliable and I love shooting it. It's more consistent than the H&K and it has been tuned to be a wonderful shooter with a very light and crisp action. I think it's more "precise" than the H&K, and I think a 1911 has more capabilities for modifications.

You have a decision to make - they're different guns! I look at the H&K as a perfectly functional tool that does a job wonderfully, and I look at a 1911 as all of that with the capability of absorbing more modifications, should you want to do them.

Good luck!
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