Should I Wait For Next Sig?

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Oct 3, 2004
I have been looking to buy another Sig. Already have 220\45acp & 226\9mm. Love them and all the P-series that I've shoot. I am wanting a P229 in 357sig. I was wondering how the DAK trigger system differs from the DAO conversion that Sig offers. I have always liked the DA\SA of the Sigs,but would like to try the DAK system. Have not seen one around here yet.
I would really try out the new sig trigger before buying one. I have not had the chance to shoot the new sig trigger myself, but all in all I really like the 1911 trigger best. The HK usp can be shot from cocked and locked position and that is also a way to shoot that I like. The SA / DA trigger in the sig / and the glock trigger are not my favorite systems despite owning many of both.
I am really impressed with the DAK trigger,my department has been testing them, to replace the 229's we carry now.

It is smooth and breaks at about 6lbs all the time. The only thing I don't like but every one else does is that damn light rail,,due to it they will not fit our duty holsters.
The Sig DAO action conversion on the classic pistols and the DAK trigger are entirely different animals. the DAK is much lighter and smoother and in practice feels like a revolver witha rather light trigger return spring. If you want a DAO Sig, get a DAK, it is really pretty amazing.
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