Show us your Lever Guns. (pics)

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I just uploaded this pic for a thread in another forum then I found this thread here and thought I'd play :)

Marlin 1894 in 357 with Tasco Pro Point red dot.

The pic was taken at Bisley ranges here in England.

I have this Winchester 1895 in .30-06 which I had cut down to a carbine, added Williams receiver sight, recoil pad. Good to 100 yds + and it carries and points well. (Not as good as a Model 94, of course)

Gunsite Police Rifle - as advocated by Jeff Cooper. Part of my HD Battery.


* Pre 64 Model 1894 Winchester (1962 Mfg.) .30-30 Win. Caliber.
* Original Rear Sight removed and a Williams Model 5D Adjustable Receiver Sight with Williams Big Game Aperture (A Ghost Ring) installed.
* Front Sight a Square Post Centered in a Sight Hood.
* Rear Combination Butt Cuff/Recoil Pad/Sling Mount with loops for 5 Extra Rounds.
* Front Clamp-on Magazine Tube Sling Mount.
* Cobra Carry Strap installed for "African Carry" - Left Shoulder/Muzzle Down. This position eliminates interference with the Holstered Pistol on the Right Side. Left hand on the Rifle Forearm for instant accessability.
Here's my Marlin 1894 (again) and my 336. Taken with a phone cam during a recent sighting-in session.


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Left to right are a Henry 22, a Winchester M94 from 1956, a Marlin M39A from 1957, a Winchester Trapper in 44 Magnum marked 1894-1994 so I guess I bought it in 1994, and a Rossi M92 clone in 45 Colt that I just sold. Haven't decided what to replace it with, yet. Thinking maybe an 1860 clone.

Here is a Marlin 1894C in 38/357 and a 336 in 30-30

I have two of these Winchester 9422's but this is the nicer one.

My latest and current fav is a 1941 Savage 99 in 300 Savage . New rear stock and re-blued so it's a shooter, not a collector. This month we're trying for black-tailed deer...

Savage Model 1899 made in 1912, .303 Savage caliber

Winchester 94 .30-30 made in 1949

Marlin 39A .22 made in 1961

EMF Hartford (Rossi) pre-safety .357
Pre-64 Winchester Model 64 Deluxe Deer Rifle - 30 WCF and Winchester 86 Extra Lightweight in .45-70


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Browning 92 in .357, one of my very favorite guns:


Winchester/Miroku model 1886 EL in .45-70:


Browning model 53 in .32-20:


I don't have any pictures of the two 9422's my wife and I have - must be too busy shooting them!
Lever guns

My first high power rifle was a Mod. 1936 Marlin at age 12 (3rd from top). I have added a few since.

I inherited the Model 1886 and Model 1895 Winchesters and have added a few others over the years. I handload some very HOT 45 Colt and 44 Mag ammo for the carbines.
I have a few laying around and a couple more in parts that need me to finsih working on them. I really miss my old model 71 in 348 Win....
The lever gun in the the middle is a 1892 Win (made in 1892) in 38-40 that will still shoot 3 inch groups at 100 yards using black powder loads, after 115 years of use .

I still need to sell the 50-90 Shiloh sharps on top and the 1905 vintage Tobin double barrel 12 gauge one of these days...
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These are my Winchesters. Starting from the left:

1) Legendary Lawman

2) .30-30 Trapper

3) .44 magnum Packer

4) .44 magnum standard model

5) .30-30 Classic

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