Sig P229 Scorpion opinions

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Jun 23, 2005
Hey guys, looking at cleaning out the safe a little and work on finding a new range companion. I have a Kimber 1911 Custom Target that I rarely every shoot anymore. I typically take my Smith 1911 TA and Kimber CDP Pro. Thinking of selling the Kimber Custom Target and possibly a Sig P238, which I rarely carry anymore since I picked up my Smith M&P9c, for funds to go towards the Sig P229 Scorpion which is super ergonomic (for me) and beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I think it is unique and different. Just wanted some opinions of this particular model (Sig P229). As far as 9mm, I also have a M&P Pro which I havent quite found a super accurate loading, Ruger P89 which is fairly accurate, and the above mentioned M&P9c.

Some questions I have are:

1. What type of rifling does the sig have, i.e. can I fire cast bullets out of it for range practice?

2. Guesstimate of going price for Kimber Custom Target blued model and Sig P238 Nitron finish, both near mint condition?

3. Overall opinions, benefits, pitfalls of owning a P229? Is it worth the entry price? ($899 for Scorpion model)

4. Other suggestions for range/fun gun that is a direct competitior to P229 Scorpion model that can shoot lead cast reloads (without buying an aftermarket barrel)?

thanks guys
I don't know how to describe the rifling. If you're using cast bullets I suppose you are a hand loader. I use hard cast lead (usually Laser Cast) over a bees wax wad. A friend taught this to me. The bees wax has eliminated nearly all fouling from any caliber from 9mm to 44 Mag and 45-Colt or ACP. My friend claims the wads also cut existing lead from the bore. I can't really confirm that, only that they prevent it very well.
As to the value of a 229, I have experience with them going back to the first year they were available in the US. In addition to twice annual qualification I shot a minimum of 120 rounds a month through mine, 357Sig. I also had my own that I used in IDPA and shot about 5000 rounds a year through it. They are very tough. The oldest, issued to me for duty, showed more holster wear than operating wear after 15 years. My employer had about 25. The armorer said he saw one cracked frame. He also said he replaced some firing pins and extractors, mostly as a formality. There is a small-gage wire spring under the left grip that can fling off to the hinterlands when you change grips, so watch for that. I had Crimson Trace grips added to my duty gun. The spring took flight only once, but explain that to people who are happy to tease you.

WAAY cheaper fun guns that will also serve well for defense are any of the older - and therefore cheaper - S&W 9mm autos. 915/910, 6906, 3913, and a number of others can be had for not much money. One of our sons is a LEO and he has a S&W M&P, 9mm. I make lead/wax wad handloads for him and so far he hasn't complained. M&Ps were going for under $400 online a few months ago. Well, pre-Obama announcement, anyway. Shot lead with the bees wax wads in them all. Many might not see these as direct competitors for the Sig. I agree. Sig is in a class by itself, which doesn't mean that others aren't as good. It's just that for me, I shot it better from the first pull of the trigger than any other gun before or since except Government Model 1911s. There, it's a draw.
The scorpion is a nice gun, I presume it comes with nite sights and the srt.
You like the Ergos of the scorpion, but I don't know of the ergos of the standard 229 will be the same (though I suspect they would be).
Personally I wouldn't sell one gun to buy another, but that's jmho.
Take a look at summit firearms website, he had a non railed version of the 229 with nite sights for $750, if he still has them that's a good deal, you just have to ask yourself if the scorpion is worth the added expense; if you can live with the summit gun, you might not have to sell as much to fund it. But if you're in love with the scorpion, get it!
If you want the Scorpion don't let anyone talk you out of it or you will be sorry later.
Well, went to go buy the scorpion and found a TacOps version I liked as well. I ended up with the TacOps version, mostly because it comes with 4-20 round magazines from the factory. It also comes with a nice truglo fiber optic tritium set up. So far so good. Ran 50 through it today without the slightest hitch. As soon as it gets a thorough workout, it is for sure gonna be my nightstand gun replacing my M&P 9 pro series. The Sig is waaaay more accurate. Hand loads and factory alike.

As far as not selling the others. My Kimber custom target was nice, but if there is a magazine limit down the road, 1911 are almost by default, not included. I also have 2 other 1911s. My P238 hasn't seen use in over 2 years. I've replaced it with a S&W M&Pc. Already sold the Kimber and have a buyer for the P238.

Thanks guys!
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