SIG Pro (SP2022)


Jun 20, 2003
I've heard this gun called "SIG's best kept secret", although it seems to have been discontinued a couple years ago (at least that's when it disappeared from SIG's catalog). SIG sold a lot of them to foreign governments - France and Iraq come to mind - and it has a lot of positive feedback from US shooters. Anyone with experience with the SP2022?
This is my bedside setup:

SIG SP2022 211213 415.jpg
An excellent choice!

Mine too...well sort of... My bedside companions P229R, besides the wife and dog, is a close cousin!
My brother has one that he bought as his first handgun. He is a liberal in nearly all things except firearms. Still uses it, still carries it even though he has other handguns. Very nice gun to shoot for the price point. Even though it has a polymer frame it shoots like the heavier and steel frame P226, without the cost. If you have the chance to get one, don't hesitate. The people that tend to have Sig Pros hold onto them for awhile.
I have owned a couple of Sig Pro pistols -an early SP2009 and a later SP2022- both of which were excellent.

The Sig Pro line was developed as Sig's first entry in the polymer-framed pistol market. The SP2340/SP2009 pistols were designed as polymer-framed equivalents in quality -and price- to Sig's classic metal pistols. Existing Sig owners during that period largely rejected the polymer guns and the Sig Pro line was discontinued in the US after a few years. However, in 2002 the French bought 250,000 of the guns (the largest single pistol contract after WWII). Those guns had a few minor modifications and were renamed the SP2022 based on their contracted 20-year service life. Overruns from the French contract were imported and sold in the US at blowout prices, often less than half of the price of Sig's metal pistols. At those prices, the pistols quickly became popular, were restored to the US lineup, and have continued to be produced.

Sig Pro pistols are built like tanks and easily had better triggers than Sig's metal pistols until the introduction of the Short Reset Triggers.
The SIG Pro holds several distinctions in the SIG DA/SA lineup
1. SIG's first polymer framed pistol
2. A better trigger out-of-the-box than any Classic P-series pistol
3. It whole R&D was covered by it's contract with the French police
4. It is the only SIG DA/SA pistol which was never "dressed up" or offered in "special editions"

The SP was designed to be a comparable size to the 229. The naming change from SP2009 to SP2022 was a nod to the length of the French contract. Because all of SIG's R&D were covered, they could offer them domestically at a much lower price point.

The DA trigger was so good that SIG pistolsmiths never offered a "tune up" of it's action.

The ones I've shot, in 9mm and 357SIG, have proven to be very accurate...granted this was only a sample of 5-6 different guns. I never found a need for one as my DA/SA needs were cover by my SIG 220, 226, 228, and 229
Not much to dislike

Indeed a sleeper. SIG purists initially decried the polymer frame, but those of us who actually favor DA/SA accepted this pistol.

I have not found this pistol to be mediocre in any sense of the word. Ergonomic, accurate, decent trigger in both modes, reliable. Easily superior to the comparable offerings from Ruger, Taurus, et al.

If you find one, grab it. They're worthy.
Had one, liked it but traded a it for something "better';" regretted getting rid of it ever since.

However, just bought a SP2340 -- same gun in .40S&W. When it comes back from the Sig rehab deal (!150 for cleaning, new springs, etc. and set of Sig Night sights) I'll have it out to the range.

They are good guns. Very good.
I enjoy mine, a SP2022 in .40 S&W. I wrote an article comparing it to HK's USP Compact.

I'd like to find a .356 SIG Barrel for my SP2022.