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Anyone here shooting the P250?

I haven't shot one yet. My range has three of them. I've fondled them (all) two different times.

The first time, I didn't like them at all.
The second time, I didn't hate them.

I'm affraid to fondle them a thrid time because one of them might come home with me :eek:
To me, the grip angle feels like a Sig (very good), but when I point it and look down the sights, it feels like a Glock :barf:
I'm waiting for one of the regulars to buy one so I can try it out. If I do, I'll be sure to post a range report (probably with a picture of the new one that I bought :D ).
All we are sayyyying.
Is give peace a chance.

First the Sig Pro, and now the 250.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing the P250. I'm just not sure that I like it yet. I'd really like to shoot one to see how it feels.
I think the concept of the modular trigger assembly is interesting.
I'm just busting your chops man.

But I haven't met too many Sig lovers that adopted the Sig Pro platform. Was just wondering if the P250 would suffer the same hex.

Now, admittedly, I'm a polymer hound. So the idea of a modular gun with interchangeable frames (5, 4, and 3-inch) really appeals to me. Seems like it will be a better "fitting" handgun than the Pro series.
Hey guys. I love sigs. Feel perfect in my hand. The only adjustment i've made to mine is converted from DAO to SA/DA and put hogue rubber grips. Shoots great!

I have a question though. You never hear about the p225 anymore. What makes this gun different from the others?
I'm with you. I don't know why the Pro doesn't have the same appeal that the "P"s do. I've never shot a Pro, but I have 13 "P"s. For me, the "P"s fit perfectly.
I do hope that the P250 takes off. I'll probably end up with one sooner or later.

Add me to the SIG club I have a 226 and a 229 both have 357 SIG and 40 S&W barrels. I gave a SIG 229 40 S&W to my fiancee' on her 21st birthday and she loves it
Welcome! Nice B-day present :D . Sounds like you've got a winner - CONGRATS!!
I gave my wife a S&W M64 snubby for her 22nd B-day (23 years ago) and we're still happily married. Hopefully you'll have the same luck.

Welcome also!
I have a question though. You never hear about the p225 anymore. What makes this gun different from the others?
The P225 has been discontinued for sale in the USA by Sig. The P239 has taken its place.
The P225 is a single stack 9mm that holds 8 + 1. Its about the same size as the P228/P229 only with a much thinner grip. The grip angle is similar to the P220. All P225s are stamped slide Sigs. I don't know the total numbers of P225s produced, but I'm sure its probably the lowest of all the classic "P" series Sigs. There are alot of P6/P225s coming into the market right now. These are German Police trade-ins and can be had for anywhere betwwen $300 to $400.
I'm lucky enough to own two P225s. One is a "JE" (1984) code Tysons Corner and the other is an "AC" (2002) code P225. They are both the same except for the takes down lever.
Here are some pictures that will show the differences of the grip angles.




My theory on the Polymer Sigs and the lack of love they receive is that when you have a gun as near perfect as the P series are, it's hard to out due that.

Not that the Pro series isn't all that and a bag of ammo, but I just think that it's not an "improvement" on anything, it's just different.

I believe it's the pro series that someone told me has the sweetest Sig trigger there is. One day I hope to add one to the stable just because it a Sig Sauer
Can I join? This P220 was my very first pistol purchase while stationed in Germany in 1986-89 for $380.00!!!. When I took it to a gun shop the owner right off the bat offered me a brand new P226 even trade which I turned down. I could tell he really wanted this one. Its chambered in 9mm with a European mag release. The serial # is G130xxx with no import stamps on it.
I will post pics after I figure out how, it keeps telling me the file is to large.

Can I get some info?
where can I get different grips for a European model P220 in 9mm
more mags?
est. value?
Welcome - and thanks for posting the pics of your P220.

P220 9mms with the Euro mag release are somewhat rare in this country. I've seen a few at gun shows every now and then. The ones that I've seen are worth about the same as a P220 .45acp.

Your gun is worth in the $450 - $500 range or what someone will pay you for it. The P220 9mm with the American mag release brings a little more $$.
The P220s chamber in 38 Super bring the most $$.

Euro mag release grips are hard to find. The only grips that I can think of are Nill grips. They are a little pricey, but everyone that has them, loves them. The best place to get them is Mac Tec

Mags are even harder to find. Check GunBroker or some of the other on-line gun auctions. You can also try the SigForum classifieds
or at gun shows.

Good luck and have a great holiday!
Merry Christmas and..


Happy Holidays to all my Sig Brothers..

May your New Year be filled with new guns..


Ps.. side note: Just found out that here in Komifornia, it is now politically incorrect for any Santa's at malls, etc., to use the Fraze: "Ho Ho Ho"

Apparently, thanks to our Gangsta Rap Artist- :barf:

They have made *Hoe's, (only as an example) as in, *your sister/mother, etc., is a Hoe.. And apparently the kids and some parents have been offended by Santa's famous greeting, and can't differentiate.

Ho Ho Ho

What next?
Merry Christmas Sig fans!!!

Just want to stop in and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and whatever everybody else celebrates.

Ps.. side note: Just found out that here in Komifornia, it is now politically incorrect for any Santa's at malls, etc., to use the Fraze: "Ho Ho Ho"
I saw that - now Santa has to say "Ha Ha Ha" like some crazed mental patient :eek: :scrutiny:
I'm sure little kids will really be afraid to sit on his lap now :uhoh:

What gun stuff did you get for Christmas????

I had a great gun Christmas.

I finally got a set of Nills (my first :) ) to put on one of my P220s. They'll probably go on my ST :D (pics to come later)
I also got a gift certificate for the range that I belong to and a great (big) book, "The Illustrated Directory of Guns"

but the best gift that I got was having both of my sons home for Christmas,
my youngest from Lackland AFB, and my oldest from Fort Meade. :)
New Sig owner here. I just picked up a 225 today and am searching for some new grips. Any Idea? Will the 229 grips work with some minor mods?

Anyway, love the feel of mine. I'm interested to see how it performs against my H&K UPSc in 9mm also. Definitely a BIG cost difference.
I'm trying to bulk up before the California rules take away all. I'm a rifle shooter and managed to get a .50 BMG before the big ban. Unfortunately they've make the ammo SO difficult to get, i'd switched to the Barrett .416 system. Now quite the boom, but better ballistics.
Good luck
Here are both of mine.
P220C and P239 in 9mm.
The P239 gets carried much more often as IMHO the P220C is not the most comfortable to carry. Maybe I just haven't found the platform to carry it yet.



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I finally got a set of Nills (my first ) to put on one of my P220s. They'll probably go on my ST (pics to come later)

2 days later and still no pics. What's the holdup blind? :D ;) I'm eager to see that ST dressed in Nill!
2 days later and still no pics. What's the holdup blind? I'm eager to see that ST dressed in Nill!
They are on back order from MacTec :mad:
My sons chipped in for them. They gave me a copy of the order along with a picture.
Hope it doesn't take too long.

Welcome - nice pair of Sigs!
I can carry my P220 Carry in the same holster that I carry my P229 in - a Galco CON250. It doesn't fit completely perfectly, but it is snug enough that it wont shift around. The big difference is in the trigger guard, the P220 comes to a point in the front of it, and the P229 is rounded. There will probably be some holsters mass produced in the near future for the Carrys. They've been out for a while now and seem to be popular.

biscuitninja -
Welcome! The grips for a P229 will not fit. The P229 uses a double stack mag and the grips are totaly different.
You can get factory grips from Top Gun Supply. It looks like they are out of them right now, but they'll probably be getting them in the future.
If you bought the gun used, you might want to get a parts kit from them as well, but it lokks like they are out of them also. It's probably due to all the P6s hitting the market lately.
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I'm trying, but i'm not having any luck. I may just have to be patient or contact Sig directly and see if they have anything. I do know of a couple of guys who do CNC stuff. Maybe I might be able to get them to put together a new program. Well see.
Just bought this P229, and am wondering as I have only seen a few in stainless finish. Is this gun rare, not in a value way but rather is it odd? Serial number is very low, like several zeros and a number less than 50.


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I qualify now but not as much as I'd like to! I bought a Sig Pro SP2009 yesterday but because I was looking for a full sized service pistol to carry and I'm a big fan of polymer guns (I reckon most of my generation, the ones who are just turning old enough to conceal, are fans of space age technology). When I pulled the trigger, I knew I wanted it. The price was right and I grabbed it before someone else could, apparently someone had bought it who had no business buying pistols, and sold it back with probably less than 100 rounds through it, so I got the big discount for it being shot without liability.

I get the FFL done when I get back into town next Friday, and then it goes straight to the range with a couple of boxes of ammunition.

Now I'm in the difficult stage where I find a holster for it, thinking a CTAC if I want IWB/tuckable (which would fit my current normal dress best) or a Fobus because they come well recommended (a buddy of mine carries a Fobus for his Glock 19). Either way I'm giddy.
Welcome - Very nice P229ST.
The P229STs were probably the least made STs. There aren't that many floating around. They generally go for anywhere between $700 - $800 depending on box/papers/mags. The NIBs gor for about $850 - $900.
You can contact Sig with your serial number and they'll be able to tell you when it was made and maybe how many P229STs were made. If you do, please post their answer for the rest of us. Thanks!! :)

Welcome to THR and the Sig Club.
There is not as much love for the Sig Pros as there is for the classic "P" series Sigs for some reason. It'll be interesting to see what happens with the P250 (polymer).
Sounds like you were in the right place at the right time and got a good deal on your SP2009 - congrats! Post a range report and some pics when you get a chance.
Good luck with her.

Thats a great leed - I forgot all about them.
I bought two sets of those Siles for my P225s. You can't beat them for the $$. The finish isn't as nice as some of the high dollar grips, but you can easily refinish them. I'll post a picture of mine as soon as I finish them.
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