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Jun 1, 2005
Buying a p220.

Some I've seen in the shops around here read "stainless" right there on the slide, others don't. None of these were ST's btw- basic alloy framed 220's with no rail is what I'm looking at.

The lsiting of the one I'm buying online doesn't have a great pic, so can't tell if "stainless" is etched on there or not, but the description reads (let's assume correctly) "features a stainless steel slide machined from barstock and coated with a durable, wear-resistant Nitron® finish".

My question is, do there exist p220's with stainless slides and nitron finish that do NOT have the word "stainless" on the slide? And if so, what is the difference otherwise?

Anyways, this one is nib, 3 mags (7 rounders), sig night sights @ $699. And has the newer style grips (less aggressive texturing with "p220" window).

Anything information you can add, as minute/irrelevant as it might seem would be appreciated. Just trying to pin down the details here. Thanks.
Think I found the answer if anyone else was wondering also.

The 220's that say "stainless" on the slide are machined as described above, those that do not are stamped. Apparently the latter is more desirable on this type because the stamped slide is lighter for ccw, and balances better with the lighter alloy frame; where the heavier slide is more suitable on the steel framed 220's.

May go for it anyways. Price seems right (for a sig). Would look at an elite or ST, but really hate rails.
If I remember right the nitron finish can only be applied to the stainless slides. The older sheet steel slides can be identified easily because they have roll pins instead of a solid pin for the beach block. It was only logical for Sigarms to go to the machined slide for the 220 because all the tooling for the sheet steel slides is in Germany. That plus they have invested 10s of millions of dollars in state of the art CNC machining centers.
OK, so the ones that I was looking at in the shops were actually NOT nitron finsihed (if it didn't have "stainless" etched in there).

Ala Dan- is the rarity (of machined ss on unrailed frame) just because everyone wants a rail now, or something else you want to give up? That smiley's literal translation is "uh-oh". OUT with it! lol.
If I remember right the nitron finish can only be applied to the stainless slides.

Not according to SIG... My P228 (stamped, W German) is back at the factory as we speak being Nitron'd. I was given a choice between blue or Nitron, I chose the latter.

Anyway, as to the stamped being preferable for CCW... There are pros and cons both ways. From the factory, the stamped slides will be blued, and with carry the blueing will wear off. This can be a problem in some environments, and you'll have to watch for rust.

The CNC'd slides are stainless, so when the Nitron wears off they will have greater natural corrosion resistance.

I personally sought after a stamped slide P228 (9mm) because I liked the balance in that caliber better than the new P229. But for a P220, I picked a new production and I'm quite happy with it. Love the way the new P220 Carry shoots, and I will carry it (as soon as my huge Milt Sparks order arrives!)
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