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Feb 24, 2008
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When a pistol is described as 'Silver Mounted' what exactly does that mean? I can't find a definition on the internet. I can see examples of silver mounted pistols for sale and they have silver metal parts either inlaid in the wood or the parts like barrel bands are silver. But is that all it means?

Here is a link to a reproduction of George Washington's 'Silver Mounted Pistols'.

The reason I ask is that I have an 18th century flint lock pistol that has silver inlay in the wood grip and a silver grip cap with a grotesque figure in it.

Oldest Firearm I own. Queen Anne Turn Off Pistol | The High Road
That is, indeed, the meaning of 'silver mounted' - that the decorative and functional metallic stock accessories (the 'mountings/mounts') are made of silver.

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I believe that "silver" was a generic description, and did not necessarily mean sterling silver. It could mean anything other than brass or steel mountings, including German silver, or silver plate. (This was before the age of nickel plate.) "Mountings" would include the trigger guard, side plate, ramrod pipes, barrel bands, stock tip, butt cap or buttplate, and wrist escutcheon (as applicable). Not all the mountings of a given gun would necessarily have to be made of the same metal.
Thank you both very much. I’m trying to determine if the Queen Anne I have is strictly a “Trade Pistol” or if it was made in England for the European market. The tell is if the engraving is stamped or hand engraved. The silver inlay on the grip is relatively ornate and the butt cap grotesque is silver. The trigger guard is a functional safety that moves and is made of iron. Not sure it would be made of silver or silver plated. There are no other fittings on the gun that would be eligible to be silver or silver plated. There is no ram rod or barrel bands on the pistol.
As I stated on the other two threads, I'm going to merge the response into the single thread titled "Oldest Firearm I own".

I received a response from the Ketland expert and I'm pretty sure he confirmed that my pistol was originally silver mounted. I'll ask a more direct question when I respond to his e-mail tomorrow. My wife and I closely inspected my Queen Anne and we think we can find traces of silver plate in the most protected areas. Here is a link to what another seller is selling as a silver mounted Queen Ann Pistol by Ketland

A fine pair of silver mounted English Queen Anne style flintlock box-lock pistols by Ketland & Co (

Here is one of their pictures clearly showing the silver plating on the entire pistol. Otherwise these are duplicates of the Queen Anne I own.

silver mounted queen ann pistol set.jpg

I still need to confirm the 'Silver Mounted'. But in a discussion of mine the replay was

"Many of these were exported but I generally refer to them as being of "domestic quality." "Export quality" guns are much simpler. They never have silver mounts and are usually quite plain.

So the confirmation I have is not an answer to a direct question. I'll resolve that in the next few days.
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