Smith 629-2 price check

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Dec 24, 2010
Vancouver, WA
I stumbled on a very nice condition 629-2 yesterday. I think it's a 7"+/- barrel, unfluted cylinder. Asking $750. No box or papers.
I have a S&W 629-1 LNIB For Sale
8 3/8 MagNaPorted barrel
Leupold 2X scope
Leupold base and rings
With box and papers
Around here that would be a tad high. New 6 1/2'' 629s are $795 OTD at my LGS.
About $100 too high, IMO.
That's my thinking. I'll let the seller (pawnshop) sit on it for a while. I did a more detailed inspection today, it's a very nice handgun, not shot all to hell. The SA trigger on the gun surpasses nirvana, it is unbelievable. It's a SA trigger that would be perfect for rested hunting or target, yet it appears to have no factory means of being scoped. I'll leave it on the local "watch" list for now.
Frankly, I think that's a good price. Those long toms have to be fired afield to be fully appreciated... And they sure ain't making the 629-2s any more.
Point taken OJC, I agree the gun is worth the asking price, the one comparable specimen on has already been bid to a higher price.

I'll go look at it again tomorrow. I've cultivated, or perhaps the pawnshop's cultivated a mutually respectful, fun environment for gun shopping. The countermen there would probably collectively croak if I didn't present them with an absurd offer; it's all part of the game :)
Unfluted cylinders point towards a Classic Hunter, does it have the barrel lug? The 629-2 was made as a 8 3/8" Classic Hunter.
Apropos of nothing, I have a good friend who's as "gunny" as I am. He used to give me what for not buying a shooter I wanted because there was a $50 or even $100 difference of opinion between me and the dealer. His point was, "give it another 5 years and it'll be worth that and more and you'll have missed all that us over what's relatively a few bucks. And they aren't making any more like that one."

He was (still is) right. IF you can afford the difference you should never let a sticking point like $100 stand between you and an older gun that you would really enjoy having.

Plumas Will's comment was always "just think of it as an 'early' purchase".

That sure cuts down on the number go "the ones that got away".
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