Smith vs Colt

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Oct 6, 2005
New King Cobra !! (was SmithvsColt)

Went looking for a .357 yesterday. Found 2 that really stood out.

Same gun store had a Colt King Cobra blued with 6" barrel in 90+ condition and a 586 in the same condition for the same price. Colt had rubber grips, Smith had wood. Both checked out fine, but Colt had a bit of side-to-side cylinder wiggle.

Which would you get and why?

Saw a Trooper the other day for dirt cheap. Almost snapped it up but it had a lot of play front to back. :eek:

And yes there was a 629 there cheaper. :eek: I'd get that one but 44 mag ammo is too darn high.
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Well, if it truley is a 5 inch Blue King Cobra and it looked Factory, I'd be all over it. I have not seen any 5 inch tubed versions. It could very well be a high dollar item for a Colt collector.

You will get the Smith vs Colt fight all day long.

If they are actually both 6 inch tubes,
I would have to go with which ever one feels better and is more appealing to you.
See if you can dry fire both guns. How do you personally like the actions ?
How do both guns feel in your hands ?
Since they are both shooter grade guns, it won't make too much difference.
If it was collector grade or mint in box, I would go with the Colt for the investment.

Go with the Colt here is a picture of my King Cobra. FWIW I was only aware of the Blued King Cobra being offered in 2 1/2 in 1990, 4 or 6 in.
hope that helps larry
It would be a tough call for me. I like the feel of the Smith action better. But the L frames are my least favorite Smiths. To top that off I like the snake on the side of the KC.Get the one that feels best in your hand.
I would most likely go with the Colt, but I might go 586. I'm not much help am I?
How were the triggers? All things being equal, get the one that you like more ;) Both are very nice revolvers & you should be happy w/'s that for the PC answer?
Between the Colt King Cobra and the S&W 586, I'd buy the Colt first.

The King Cobra is perhaps the strongest .357 ever made. Finding replacement wood grips can be expensive. Here's mine.

I've always liked S&W wheel guns and Colt semi autos. Don't ask why because I can't give you a good answer. So I'd most likely go the S&W assuming equal condition.
i'd go with the smith,but i have no experience with colts except for my old army special. i doubt you would go wrong either way though.
Well it depends. I'd say the King Cobra wins for resale and profit down the road. But the 586 wins for beauty and shooting.
I agree with the last. And the cylinder wiggle bothers me. have you done the various tests at lock-up? The consensus seems to be that it is hard to find a gunsmith that can help your Colt more than hurt it. So for a gun I would shoot instead of lock away for future resale, the S&W.

But I actually prefer the small-medium framed revolvers, exemplified by the S&W K-frame. So I could be equally happy with either.


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I think the King Cobra has the Mark III lockwork, which is more like a S&W than the old Colt impinging hand lockwork that was in the Python and other guns. Those older ones can have ZERO cylinder movement at lockup, according to the experts. The King Cobra, Trooper Mark III, etc. do not have the same lockup or the same test to determine wear.

Dfariswheel will probably be by soon to shed some light. :)
Kentucky_Smith; Congratulations - looks nice!
I was going to suggest the Colt as well. I'm trying to keep myself away from Colts personally, because I'm going broke as it is with my J- and K- addiction. But my thought was that if you had any intentions of eventually having both, the 586 might have been easier to find and a little cheaper down the road.
Tests out fine. it was a 27-2, not a 586. Bought the Colt anyway. Pics forthcoming.

Hold on...if that was a 27-2....Thats WAAY different than a 586. I think I would run back there and pick up the 27 if the condition was good and the price was under $500.
the 27 smith is the best smith ever sent out the door,but that colt will make you a good gun i am sure, i just looked at a 19-3 in the box for $425, but i realy dont need it i have 5 357s all of them are smith & wesson:D
Colt or Smith?

I have a six inck Python, it is the sweetest gun in the world. Don't shoot it much. Trying to keep it in pristeen condition.
But, I also have a Smith 686 6 inch which I shoot the **** out of and just asks for more!

Know whats behind your target!
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