So My Daughter wants to go Hunting

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Jul 17, 2003
north central indiana
This past week just before deer season opens one of my daughters says she would like to go hunting. She is 14 and has her hunters ed card and can shoot reasonably well. Problem is I have been working 10+ hour days and weekends and can hardly get around everything I need to get going. Don't have to worry about hunting license or deer tags as we can hunt the family farm as a lease.
She slipped out to the woods real quick this evening and took this pic. Zinas camera 255.JPG

She was about 40 feet away when she caught this 8 point whitetail. Tomorrow deer gun season opens, hopefully this pretty boy will still be around next weekend or over Thanksgiving when I will finally have some time off. I don't plan on hunting, but would be thrilled if she were able to take a nice deer for her first time out. She sat in a blind with me about 5 years ago and we watched a few deer, but nothing that I could get a reasonable shot at.
Make time , it passes to quickly and being with her on her first kill will be something she remembers forever .
Wow lucky you.

Find a way to make time for this. I have the same problems with work getting in the way. I somehow manage to find a way to get the kids into the deer stand. I hunted the MN opener, flew the Netherlands for work. BTW - not glamorous work. I return the evening before the WI opener. This was not my plan, but we are making it work.

Wonderful your daughter has taken interest. You are doing all of us hunters a huge service by adding a young hunter to our group.

Good luck to you and your daughter.
Take the time to go with her. It doesn't take long ... just 3 or 4 hours will do and whether she scores or not, it will strengthen the bond you two have. Fathers are always gone doing things for work, etc. The amount of time you spend with her will pay dividends in the near future when dating, etc. causes conflicts between daughters and fathers.

My son never spends any time with his daughter so I take her hunting with me. She killed this spike last Thanksgiving morning. She was 9 y.o. at the time.


Because of the charge she got from doing it, it spurred her father to take her last month. Both of them really enjoyed it even though they didn't see a deer.
Got home after work this afternoon and set up a blind for tomorrow morning. Have several deer trails through the area. Hope she will get a shot offered her.
Got my fingers crossed for y'all!

My 19 y.o. grandson wants to kill a deer, but I know he's too lazy to spend a whole day hunting for them. And the gutting, dragging, and processing? Forget it. I'd end up doing all the work while he played on his phone.
My 11 year old daughter got her first yesterday, a 6 point buck. The feeling I got when she took him is hard to explain, but it's a great feeling!
Thanksgiving morning, drizzling, a bit breezy, but only 43 degrees.
Katies deer 001.JPG
Good size doe shot through the chest hitting both lungs and I think it might have clipped the heart. Ran about 50 yards and dropped beside of a farm lane which made it awfully convenient to haul away. Proud Daddy. She is using my Savage 24V .357 magnum over 20 gauge, the .357 Mag special reloads of 180gr SSP bullet. Katies deer 004.JPG
Got it hung and cooling. Katies deer 003.JPG
Big doe, my Daughter is 5' 7". Now the work begins, not sure if I am going to process it myself or take it and have summer sausage and jerky made. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

I'm so happy for you papa! And tell the young huntress that I said CONGRATULATIONS! This post brightens my already awesome day!
Thanks Greg, she's 14, so hopefully she will continue to get out and hunt. She was really hoping for her picture buck, but this one will be good eating.

The bullet passed through and lodged just under the skin, but now she has her souvenir.
Congrats to you and your daughter!! Memory she will never forget. My daughter will be born next month. I really really hope she will express an interest in shooting and hunting.
This is all great news to hear! My daughter recently expressed interest in wanting to go hunting with me. I asked her point blank if she thinks she could shoot and kill an animal and she nodded her head and said that she thinks so. I explained to her that if she shoots an animal, be it a rabbit or a deer, she has to help field dress it. She didn't know that terminology so I explained it to her by simply telling her that the guts have to come out. She kind of scrunched her nose up and said that it sounded kinda gross. I told her that it wasn't pleasant, but it's not terrible. She agreed. I believe my parents will be buying her a bow for Christmas, so that will be a good activity we can both do. She's 10, so she has a long way to go before she will be able to draw back a legitimate bow. Plus, this will give dad time to hone in his skills with a bow since it's been years. I imagine it's probably easier than riding a bike with the way that technology keeps progressing with hunting equipment. In the meantime, we will start building her camo and hunting gear and I'll put her behind my AR to get her comfortable with the safety, responsibility and expectations of shooting a more powerful gun compared to what she's shot before.
I wish you the best of luck in teaching your young one the responsibilities of hunting!
Congratulations to both of you! It looks like you both had a successful day!
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