Spousal gun parity - or not!

Your spouse's take on guns?

  • My spouse is pro gun

    Votes: 42 43.8%
  • My spouse is pro gun, AND carries

    Votes: 21 21.9%
  • My spouse is disinterested

    Votes: 22 22.9%
  • MMy spouse is ambivalent (we are working on it!)

    Votes: 10 10.4%
  • My spouse is blatant ''anti''

    Votes: 1 1.0%

  • Total voters
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Many threads include comments re a spouse's attitude, pro, neutral or anti etc .. seems interesting to try and poll this and see how we shape up overall. For most part this will mean our wives .. but to make sure we cover all bases, I'll just use the word ''spouse''.

My wife is pro (now) and comfortable and competetant, and I hope to get her to aquire her CCW in near future. She was never anti, per se ... but having had her grandpap shot thru a shooting accident way back, was not totally ''comfortable'' until we worked on it.

Let's be having your vote (votes).


Edit to add ..... of course ... I include GF's and BF's ... shoulda said! Let's just say SO!!
Although not married, my girlfriend is a recent convert. Took her shooting this weekend, she's a natural.

Her parents (blatant antis) aren't too happy about it. :D
Mine's kinda ambivalent.

Occasional disapproving looks if she sees that I'm carrying (though I'm usually discreet enough that she doesn't know.

Occasional cracks about "Why do you need another gun? Don't you have enough?" (Well, honey, I need another gun for the same reason you need another pair of shoes)

But, on the other hand, if she hears a strange noise in the house at night, she's quick to tell me to take my pistol and check it out.
In the past four years, my spouse has moved from ambivalent, to pro-gun but basically disinterested, to tolerant, to vaguely-interested-if-pushed-real-hard, to fairly interested ...

And since Christmas, he has carried every single day. :cool:

I'm proud of him.

The Boss Lady was afraid of guns when we first got together and has since conquered her fear. She isn't disinterested so much as just not as enthusiastic about guns as many of us are.:D
My wife was somewhat anti until the first time I had to leave her to go to sea. She was in a strange place, all by herself with our baby, and on E-3 pay you can safely assume we were not in the best apartments money could buy. It was also for the most part her first time all by herself away from home for an extended period of time. I came home and after a couple brief conversations we agreed that a firearm was needed ASAP. Pisser of it was it took almost 6 months to save up enough for a gun and still eat regular:uhoh: :uhoh: I don't miss the low pay of military service either:fire: , Anyway we bought a gun, and she didn't want to learn to shoot it, so I told her I would lock it up when I left so she wasn't a hazard if she got ahold of it. That changed her tune and she decided tolearn to shoot. After a couple days of safety, handling and such we went to the range. She shot, shot well as most women do with a little instruction, and actually had fun!!!! After that first range session she has been 100% pro-gun and has several guns of her very own now. Some pretty darn fine iron too:what: !!
My wife actually got me back into guns after taking a bunch of years away. Her family was always pro-gun while I changed families a few times having both pro and anti groups.

My wife had her CCW before I did and got her gun before me (I bought it for her though).

My family is still very anti but I don't share with them much.

My wife's family actually has 3 generations of CCW.

Wife's mom
Wife's grandma (awesome shot too)
My spouse is pro-gun, carries CCW, owns more guns than I do [unfortunate accident with a C&R license and a number of credit cards :D]

...and shoots tighter groups than I do with a handgun. <grrrrrrrrrrrrr>


BTW: The first and second choices on the poll should logically be reversed.
Hey - where is the dealie for Twice Divorced and Don't have a GF ? :D
I feel...jaded.

Okay, when I had women in my life they were Pro Gun.

I did not see a catagory for wife is crazy and from day to day her views will completely change, but she always carries a knife and I'm kinda scared of her.
Especially when she's quiet
My Wife

When I met her four years ago, my wife had never fired a gun. But, she said that if we were going to have them in our house, she wanted to know how they worked. I almost screwed up though.

Note to anyone trying to get someone started: A Full Size H&K USP in .40S&W is not a starters gun.

But then, I bought her a Ruger Mk II, and a Bersa .380. And, in truth, the Marlin 1894C and the 16" Saiga are in her name also. So, legally, she owns almost as many guns as I do.

I won't say she is quite as rabid about the 2nd Ammendment as I am, but she supports my right to buy whatever we can afford. Luckily though(or unlucky) Washington is not a Class III state, so I haven't had to test her dedication to the cause.

And, she has here carry permit. I just have a hard time getting her to carry.
Well I voted spouce becasue I am engaged not married, I figured close enough.

It has taken a while for me to convence my fiancee that guns aren't evil... I am slowly working on her..she didn't even flinch when she found the gun hidden on my bedside table last week.. its an improvement.
My wife was undecided when she noticed my "downward" spiral into firearms with my first 3 pieces within months of each other. Once she found some she liked and read more and more articles of how they are tools and can save lives she is now clearly pro and also carries and tries to make people see "the light".

A Full Size H&K USP in .40S&W is not a starters gun.

Funny, it's the only 40 S&W my wife enjoys shooting. 1911's in .45 are a bit much, Glock 22 too big and painful, Kahr K40 too small and painful. The recoil of USP feels softer to her than my SIG P225 9mm. :confused:
Most of the girls I've dated were somewhere between ambivalent and rabid anti. So, of course, most relationships are over with quickly. The rest of them simply had no interest, and one girl was as pro-gun (I had actually met her at the range).

At the moment, I'm single, and therefore cannot vote.

(Well, honey, I need another gun for the same reason you need another pair of shoes)
Dont say that, uless you have a very comfortable couch that doesnt hurt your back when you sleep on it. trust me...
My wife has been shooting since she was a girl because her father is an avid hunter and often took his little girls target shooting on their family farm. She's not nearly as into firearms as I am, but she owns a couple of revolvers that her dad gave her and she loves to shoot my S&W 686.

After she was recently bitten by a neighborhood dog while out on a walk, I decided it was finally time for us both to get our CCW permits. I doubt I'll be able to get her to carry very often though, especially since she's probably going to end up teaching elementary school.

I trust my wife with many things, but I would not trust her with a gun. I wish it were otherwise, but that's the way it is.
My wife carries both a pistol and a knife.

We used to take the kids camping/hunting over New Years to get away from all the craziness in the city. At this time, she owns more 'hunting rifles' than I do.

She's a pretty remarkable shot with both handgun and longarm. Many years ago, before we met and she was 'just out of her parent's home' she shot a burglar who made the mistake of attempting to enter her home at night.

The only thing we disagree on is the amout of 'security clearing' we want around the country house we're planning. I want at least 300 meters; she wants more.

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