Stove piping

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Your reloads don't have enough UMMMPH to clear, completely eject the empty. Check your powder charge and mebbe up it a bit...
Perhaps you should try different caliber rounds until you stumble across the correct one. Shouldn't take long...
Your magazine is dirty and full of crud. :eek::rofl::D

While Glocks are known to run dirty full of crud, there indeed is a limit. ;)

Clean out the magazine and your "stove pipe" problem should go away.

Happy Thanksgiving!

You hit it I think. Classic mag problem.
It's the steel cased ammo in a poly-carbonate barrel. You need the titanium-cobalt chamber coating applied with the Harbor Fright electrostatic diffusion device. Silver plate the projectile and gold plate the case interior. Above, replace the Glock frame with a quality item from Llama.
Not sure how I could have overlooked it on the first go round, but on second glance it's obvious that the slide is too short in front and too long in back.
My apologies for being/answering seriously. I couldn't get a good look at the pic, so small, to see the real problem, that's a right hand gun being fired in the left hand. D'oh!
Looks to me like they would have failed the plunk test. If they won't plunk they won't be reliable.:)
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