SWC for Semi-automatics

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I have been shooting 155grn lead swc in my XD.Just started casting and hve been working up different loads.shot hundreds so far.
Sport45, while I was at the range this afternoon shooting the test loads for "Barrel Leading Question" thread, I checked the slide feed lip of the XD pistols. The range staff confirmed that all the XD pistols have FLAT slide feed rib and will cause ejection problems when shooting SWC bullets.

I field stripped several XD models and it was true. Of course, all the other pistol models we checked (1911s, Glock, Sig, S&W, Taurus, etc.) had the angled slide feed rib extensions.

shootinxd, can you verify for us whether your slide feed rib is flat of angled? = PM sent =

Posted by Sport45 of XD slide feed rib:

Edited picture of slide feed rib of my pistols clearing SWC bullet shoulder:
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shootinxd, thanks for the PMs - His XD slide feed rib is confirmed as flat (just as my finding at the range yesterday).

I did not draw the picture - Sport45 pasted it from the XD talk forum. I did edit the bottom picture to show how my pistols' slide feed ribs are like to clear the SWC bullet shoulder - I added titles for each picture to clarify.

Copy of PM:
Yes, I caught the typo "lip" and meant "rib" (already changed on my post).

No, the range staff confirmed as flat rib near the breachhead of the slide (where the case base is held by the extractor). The XD slide rib is angled towards the back of the slide and not forward, like most pistols. This works with most bullet profiles that does not have a sholulder at the case neck, but they reported shooters having extraction issues with SWC bullets.

Since you reported you successfully shot SWC bullets, I was asking if XD reworked the slide rib or what has worked for you. Perhaps your bullet is not seated as deep near the case neck and therefore the spent case base is "riding" on the top of the bullet shoulder instead of bumping into the case neck.

Would appreciate your comments, perhaps to help other XD reloaders.
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Hi All,
I shoot a 145grn lead swc cast from a lee mold,actual is aprox155grn.I seat to coal of 1.085-1.089.I have tried several powders but still lookin for the combo.I have shot at least 300 rnds and no feed or ejection issues.I have 2 XD's in 40 cal,both have worked just fine.I hope this helps,its nice to give back to so many that have helped me.
Thanks Jim
A lot of people have made a lot of good points. One thing I will point out. The standard (if you will) is an HG 68 copy. That is the standard profile for a 200 gr LSWC. Most makers mold their bullets close to that profile.

I use 1.250" in my 1911's for a number of different manufactures 200 gr LSWC's. Some like Walkalong use 1.260-1.265.

However, the berry's is a different design than the HG 68. It is shorter. I tried forever to make them run smooth. I eventually sent them back and traded them for the berry 200 gr HP. Those worked a lot better.

I also tried extreme 200 gr plated SWC's and had good success with them. So, hope this helps a bit. I don't remember what I used for my coal with the berry's 200 gr SWC but a tried a whole lot of different ones w/o success.
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