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Discussion in 'Activism' started by charon, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. charon

    charon Member

    Jul 13, 2007
    For each person going to this site there are probably 2-3 people you know, maybe more than that, who are gun owners but not involved in securing their rights. In some cases it is laziness. In others defeatism. In others they don't understand the meaning of the 2nd and are in the "used for hunting crowd."

    The reality is that while it is important for "us" to make calls it multiples the effort getting "them" to make calls. While the process is simple in some cases you might have to hand hold them through it including entering their address online at one of the look up sites and giving them the names and contact phone numbers and the brief description as to what needs to be said. Ask them to call first, write a letter next and e-mail last. And ride them as much as you can to make sure it happens.

    Consider any leverage you can to get them to call. If they don't care all that much about the 2nd but do care about other issues currently being pushed in Washington by the same folk (generally) then package it as part of one big fight to stop big government overreach. This can even apply to non-gun owners. Get your spouse, brothers, sisters and cousins to call even as just a favor if they can be convinced.

    Show them the list of banned firearms in the initial Illinois senate bill. Show how the agenda is much broader and deeper than the "sensible" aspects that will be publicized. Their hunting rifle is the next tactical sniper killing machine. Their pump duck gun or O/U 12 gauge the deadliest close range firearm in circulation. Once the antis get rid of semi autos note that the number of folk likely around to fight for their guns when the time comes will be far less...

    If they are defeatist show them how calls can make a difference. Cook County passed a AWB a few years back. But, they had to do it in the middle of the night because even the partisan Cook County Board caved on I believe two occasions previously due to calls. The at the time Daley dominated Cook County Board! Illinois itself just shut down these efforts (for the time being) because of grassroots efforts. There seems to be an effort to pump pro-gun control cash into the fight now but calls actually do trump cash in many cases. I work with a number of lobbyists in my industry supporting small business issues in Washington (short end of the stick where money is concerned) who will clearly say that your effort as a constituent tops anything a check and lobbyist can do (with some exceptions, of course).

    Be prepared with the facts. Semi automatic rifles are no more deadly than hands or feet accoring to the FBI. The average number of shots used in a homicide according to the FBI (as best I remember) is 3 -- half a revolver load. Pursuing gun control "for the children" is hypocritical when far more children are killed each year strictly from DUIs on the highway. Many, many more.

    And you can personally try to arrange a polite, non threatening educational meeting with your rep or senator if he or she is a fence sitter. Again, polite and educational. If you can't do that (time or emotional control) then stick to calling and leaving a brief polite message with staff.

    Basically make sure there is a typhoon of calls once this stuff gets rolling to stop it as dead as it can be stopped. And take no chances on the calls either. make sure a rep or senator gets called even if you (or your friends) KNOW they won't listen because as noted in the Cook County AWB deal a few years back they actually did listen and had to sneak the legislation through in the end. Same with your friends if they otherwise supported the folks pushing the ban -- they might be more than willing to draw the line on the 2nd. Don't count on you rep (or your friend's reps) supporting the 2nd even if he or she is a "R" -- make sure he or she has to support it to keep you happy.

    Don't take anything for granted. The antis will have a hill to climb but they are dragging out Giffords and setting up organizations to pump out the cash and are going for it. If they fail here life will likely be a lot more comfortable for gun owners for some time to come.
  2. Captain*kirk

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    Oct 22, 2010
    Waukegan, IL
    Thanks for the timely reminder.
    I hate to admit it, but this is the first time I ever contacted multiple reps (even those who were not in my district) thanks to the email addresses provided here on this thread.
    We can no longer leave it up to "the other guy"...we're in this together and we all need to do our part.
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