TC Encore Pistol

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Jun 10, 2017
I am planning on adding a TC Encore pistol to my collection soon. So far, I'm planning on getting a 10 or 12 inch .223 Remington barrel from Match Grade Machine. I have a few questions before I pull the trigger (badum tss):

–What twist rate should I get if I am planning to shoot mostly 55-grain FMJ ammo?

–Will .223 Rem retain good accuracy and power out of a shorter barrel? I am not planning to hunt with this gun, but I would still like it to be reasonably accurate and powerful.

–MGM seems to be reputable from what I've read online. Does anyone have firsthand experience with their products? Their lineup is quite impressive, and the prices seem decent, too.

–Is there anything I should know about the Encore before I purchase one (potential points of failure, shooting techniques, etc.)? I've never really used anything like it before (I'm mostly a revolver guy).

</quote> –Is there anything I should know about the Encore before I purchase one (potential points of failure, shooting techniques, etc.)? I've never really used anything like it before (I'm mostly a revolver guy). </quote>

Check out the link above, this guy knows all there is to know regarding T/C. As far as usable range, it should be plenty flat inside your ability to shoot a handgun.

I can only answer your question on accuracy. I used to have a Contender in .223 with the factory Super 14" barrel. It was a sub MOA gun with handloads, and I could do just over 1" groups with Hornady varmint rounds at 100 yards. Cutting down the barrel length a few inches shouldn't affect accuracy at all.
The encore is a great single shot pistol. For 223 in the 45-65gr range, 1:9 has you covered IMO. Approximate fps per barrel length can be found here:
If you're buying a stock frame, you will most likely want someone to work on the trigger or do it yourself with one of Bellm's kits.
The encore is a bigger and heavier frame than the contender. It may be beneficial to hold both before purchase.
A quality barrel like MGM or others is more accurate than the shooter. Shooting a contender or encore pistol accurately is mostly about consistency in shooting the pistol the same way each time - hold, how it's rested (or not), trigger control, etc. It will probably take a learning curve to shoot as accurately as you would like.
Scopes in the 2.5-4x range work best. Above that, most people cannot hold it still enough at full arm extension. Red dot sights work well also, depending on quality, application, and your eyesight.
Ten inch barrels usually feel more balanced than going longer. Barrels 12"+ are going to start to feel barrel heavy, but 223 Rem is probably more efficient with a 12-14" pistol barrel.
Points of failure - it is probably the most robust and simple firearm I've ever seen - just don't ever dry fire it!
Why is that? It seems like most modern center fires can be safely dry-fired.

I'm not disagreeing with you, I just don't know much about them.

That's because it's really not a modern firearm design - it's a single action, single shot. The hammer is manually cocked and when the trigger is pulled, the hammer physically hits the firing pin assembly. The firing pin return spring is somewhat fragile and when it loses its' shape, it has a tendency to light strike - see here: . Now, you can always take out the firing pin assembly, put a cloth in the hammer channel and test the trigger or make sure to catch the hammer before it hits the firing pin assembly, but do not attempt to smooth out the trigger by dry firing 1000's of times - the T/C Contender/Encore is neither polymer framed, nor striker fired :)
Thanks for the link, I've had an Encore for over 17 years now and never knew that dry firing could hurt it. I have always used a snap cap the few times its been dry fired because I never dry fire any of my guns unless I'm 100% certain that it's OK to do so. Got the frame used & the 7mm-08 barrel new and never did see any owners manual. But at least now I'm much more informed on that subject; which is why these threads can be valuable. Now in response to the OP; my only Encore experience is with the 7mm-08 (which I'm very happy with) but I've seen some 223 Contenders and Encores at the range that were tack drivers. Don't recall if they had factory or aftermarket barrels but the ones I've seen sure do shoot well.
.223 can be very accurate out of the Encore. Do follow the link HB provided; Mike Bellm is "the guru" of T/C single shots.

I have two MGM barrels, and they are very fine. But T/C factory barrels are plenty accurate in most instances, as are their Custom Shop barrels when you can find them. I only ordered from MGM because I couldn't find barrels in the cartridges I wanted. Very happy with the purchases, though.
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