Tell me about the PSA Dagger

This is the best I could find for name brand JHP. Old school but very well regarded in it's day. They also have the standard velocity 9BP. With shipping you will come out around 38 cents per round.

Range trip again today with the Danger compact and a gen5 Glock 19. Dagger is more accurate and 100% reliable. I prefer the Glock trigger but my friend prefers the Dagger trigger. In the end it seems like a Glock 19 with a lower price tag. Still thinking I may have to try that Dagger barrel in the G19...
I put about 50 rounds through mine last Saturday. No malfunctions of any kind. I tend to shoot a bit low with it but could easily keep them on an 8 inch steel plate at 12-15 yards.

The trigger to be honest would not bother me if it was my only gun, but if I take it to the range with my 1911's or M&P (2.0 anyhow) I really don't like it. Basically after the first mag I didn't give the trigger much thought until I picked up the next gun and started shooting and then it kind of hit me that it was bad. The take up is very long and it just doesn't have a definite break, you kind of feel like you're squeezing it against the back of the trigger guard and then it clicks and travels a bit further.

Given the price I am extremely happy with it. It is a nice gun with a trigger that just needs a bit of work and apparently there are lots of parts and easy ways to improve it. It is 100% serviceable as it is and would be a great buy for anyone wanting a 9mm on a budget, or wanting a gun to make a kitchen table project out of.
Do they make a 40s&w barrel for it?
No they do not. A Glock 40 S&W barrel will NOT fit into a 9mm slide. The outside barrel diameter and back of the barrel hood are bigger on the 40 S&W and 357 Sig barrels. The only way to shoot 40 or 357 is to use the correct 40/357 slide. And yes a Gen 3 G23 (40) and G33 (357) slide will work on the Dagger frame.
Thank you!
Interesting....I was just looking at customer pics on PSAs website and someone said you CAN build it in 40cal. Is there a secret or are they just wrong?
Inquiring minds want to know
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I blame this forum for fanning the flames of firearm addiction. I had an extra Glock 19 barrel and some extra OEM front and back sights, so after reading this thread I’ve ordered another $49.99 PSA complete frame plus eBay slide and slide kit. When it all gets here, I’ll have another PSA-Glock 19 clone at about $250 total. The friends and family loan/sale/gift isn’t a bad idea and it is my self justification for this one.

And to answer the OP’s original questions, I find the Dagger to be more Glock-like in trigger feel than anything else. I’ll admit that I’m not extremely discerning between striker fired polymer frame handguns, though.
RE the friends and family loan / sale / gift idea. If you are looking for a cheap holster, the Glock Combat/Sport holster comes in 2 sizes. I found my Glock 20/21 Sport holster fits my PSA Dagger compact.

Glock also sells the Sport holster in double stack 9mm etc size.

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My compact Dagger fits the holsters I had bought for my M&P 2.0 40 Compact just fine. One is made by Concealment Express. The other by We The People. There are also manufacturers that make Dagger specific holsters. I don't remember all of them off the top of my head but I have read good things about Bordertown Holsters (I have no experience with them).