The Last Gun I'd Ever let Go Of

If you had to sell your guns, what's the last one you'd keep?

  • Every Day Carry

    Votes: 61 33.5%
  • Home Defense Handgun

    Votes: 37 20.3%
  • Home Defense Shotgun

    Votes: 13 7.1%
  • Long Range Rifle

    Votes: 1 0.5%
  • Hunting Rifle or Shotgun

    Votes: 25 13.7%
  • Automatic Rifle

    Votes: 13 7.1%
  • Other

    Votes: 32 17.6%

  • Total voters
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I can't vote. I could get down to three, but no farther:

12 gauge pump
.30 caliber bolt action rifle
.357 revolver

Strictly utilitarian, but can't imagine fewer than that.
The rifle makes me dangerous to enemies, but a handgun I carry with me.

I guess I'd have to take up open carry of my rifle. :)
My 870. It is my main HD gun, the gun I hunt with most often, and works fine as a range toy. First gun too.

I can't carry where I spend my time anyway, so that isn't as much of a factor for me as it is for some of you guys.
Kind of outside the parameters of what you are asking, but...
The last gun to go would be the most irreplaceable: a family heirloom 1863 Springfield that is in good enough shape to shoot and hunt with, if neccessary. After that my model 94 will stay, being entirely appropriate for home defense and hunting.
Probably the Ruger Bearcat (first-year "alphabet" issue) that my grandpa passed down to me. It's pretty much all I have to remember him by other than a few photos.
I have to say my Every Day Carry.

Your EDC is your very last line of defense in any given situation.

You just CAN'T wear your shotgun or carbine on your belt under your shirt and there ARE situations that require both your hands being occupied, even if only for a moment.

And having a long gun strapped over your shoulder or across your chest just wouldn't fly in every possible scenario.

Though they'd be 2nd and 3rd to last-to-go, my shotty and carbine would have to go first.

Now, which of THOSE two to go first would be the 'real' tough decision.
Suppose you are broke, no job, and thinking of selling all but one of your guns, which one would you keep?
In this situation, I'd definitely go with the Automatic Rifle. Worst comes to worst, I could hunt with it, but it also fills the HD role well.
Tough tough call. I could get down to two. My trusty ole remmy 870, and glock27 would stay. Well I guess if it got terrible I'd keep the remmy. Oh God in heaven I hope it never comes to that though.
If I could just keep one it would be my Glock 19, which is my primary carry weapon and could serve well in the home defense role as well.
The absolute last firearm I would part with would have to be my Savage Mark II 22 LR pretty much due to the fact that it is about priceless because of sentimental value. It was my first firearm, my Dad bought me for the hefty sum of 99 dollars at the local wally world and IMO it has payed for itself several times over. I have killed more game with that rifle than all of my other guns put together and after all of these years and countless rounds she still shoots like she's brand new.
I too had to go with other because I finally have it whittled down to my favorites, and I would hate to let one go. Each has a specific use, but I would never let go of the Ruger Standard my dad and I bought for my 11th b-day.
Springfield XDM, most expensive handgun I've ever owned and the most accurate as well as reliable too. I voted other because I don't use it for home defense/carry or anything (revolver and shotgun are dedicated for that purpose) but I still take it to the range all the 4k rounds through it in a year and it still works great, two jams in all those rounds. Love how accurate, reliable, and simple it is to take down/clean. Great gun all around and I'd sell off everything else I had before getting rid of it.
Where's the None of the Above option? I've never put any sentimental value on guns. They're just tools. I've never met a gun I wouldn't sell in a heartbeat if someone offered me my asking price. Then I'd replace it with something else as soon as I could and carry on.
THAT for me as well!

Although, if I got laid-off for some reason, I'd could make money by playing music in sleazy bars and from another side business I've had for the past 14 years. So I would most likely invest my time and energy working harder at what I could still do to make money, than by selling off my possessions.
If I still needed quick cash; I'd sell off some of my vintage slot cars first (easy quick cash), then I'd sell a few of my guitars and amps, after that I would consider liquidating some of my firearms.
If it had to be only one I keep my Benelli SuperNova.

The thing is some guns, like a Ruger 10/22, just aren’t going to bring in enough to bother selling. Not when they’re cheap to operate and useful on small game. I’d also hold onto one carry gun for as long as possible but it would go before the 22lr or 12 ga.
My Beratta 21 will be the last one to go. It light, compact and has been relaible. Ammo is easy to find and not abusive to the shooter. I call it my old man's gun, due to that fact it will be my old man's gun.
my dan wesson valor, i just point it in the right direction and it hits the target--never fails to amaze me. :D
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