The Scandinavian knives

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Jan 4, 2011
These are an often overlooked category of knives that I feel deserve more attention than they get here in the U.S., they are well made, often very economical, and just plain good cutting tools.

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Arfin Greebly EKA in Sweden makes some superb stuff. The Scandinavian designs, materials, and implementations are superb, and I just haven't found many decent American ripoffs yet.

Hope you can forgive me that weakness.

Nothing to forgive, personally I love the Scandi grind knives as well as the steels used by many of the Scandinavian makers. I have several Mora's, a couple vintage EKA folders, and a Helle Fire. I have gifted away probably a dozen Moras alone.

These Frost Moras are made with a high carbon steel cost me a raging 14 bucks each and are some of the best camp/utility knives I have ever found. I even keep a couple in the kitchen as well as one in each vehicle and a couple scattered in gear bags. Their cutting power is excellent, they can handle most any camp chore, they take a razor edge and hold it well. A couple of these accompanied me on a good portion of the Appalachian Trail.


When it come to folders EKA does a great job at a great price. Sadly the Big Swede can be tough to find but the Swede-38 is easily available. These have either Sandvic stainless or carbon steel blades. They will easily take a shaving edge and are great rough and tumble knives.


One of my favorite makers is Helle from Norway. They do a more modern take on the traditional Scandi blade as well as the old standby, the pukka. These are great hunting and field knives using laminated steel blades with a modern take on the handles. It is one of my favorite higher end gift fixed blades. Currently I am down to just one, the Helle Fire. Nephews have taken their toll this past year.


Most of my Scandi knives come through Ragnar's Ragweed Forge .

Any others share the love for these traditional knives?

Ragnars!! I buy my scandi's exclusively from him as well as my Hammers.
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