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Aug 9, 2011
Kendall County, TX
After last weekend's hunt, we quickly realized the knives we brought along were roughly equivalent to garbage. They did the job, sure; but we felt like it shouldn't have been that hard to cut up a rabbit. Also, it was apparent the night before the hunt, while sharpening the two knives, that the steel was very poor quality. Just wouldn't take an edge, and we're both fairly seasoned with sharpening: we butchered a pig a couple weeks ago, and the knives we used for that were exquisite - but too big for small game.

Anyway... I've been meaning to buy a new knife for quite a while. A skinning knife is now necessary, and despite the low price, I've heard too many good things about Moras to doubt any of it. The question is, which one?

Mora with stainless steel blade

Mora with carbon steel blade

Near as I can tell, those two knives are identical except for the blade. Which one will hold an edge better, and which will be easier to sharpen? Overall, which would make a better skinning knife?

Or am I better off going with something else - like this - altogether? ETA: This is a Buck Paklite Skinner.

Thanks a lot.
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I prefer the carbon steel but they will rust pretty easily if careless. You don't need a skinner for small game, just a small sharp knife. The stainless blade scandis aren't bad but won't take the edge that the cs will.
I keep several moras around. There is one in my daypack and the truck, fishing boat. The one my grandfather brought from Sweden is stuck in a barn beam where I open feed bags and cut twine on hay bales.
I have several. Two stainless two carbon. All get sharp and stay that way. Check ragweedforge.com for a great selection and service.
I recommend the companion models.
From my experience - take the carbon blade Mora. I have the exact same knife for about 20 years (only the blade survived) and I can say nothing but good words about it. It's light, has a comfortable handle, very sturdy design and, compared to the stainless steel model, it holds an edge far better, sharpens easier and better. As for the rusting issue, a minimal care is needed - rinse with water and wipe dry after use. That's it. With time it will form a grey patina which will make it more sustainable to rust. A hint - for small game skinning you may find it being more comfortable with the guard removed.

Nothing at all wrong with Mora's stainless (12C27 Sandvik), it is good stuff, that has more than serviceable edge retention. My preferred model is the 711, however in carbon steel. For the money though the 511 is hard to beat. Moras are fine in general and represent a good value in the knife world.
I've got both Carbon and Stainless Mora's and cant say a bad thing about them. Pick one and you'll love it. Or order both and love them equally as much!
I'd choose carbon steel for every day use and stainless for bugout bags and such. My thinking is that an EDC is easier to keep up maintenance on as it is part of your daily routine. Keeping it clean and a small amount of oil is not that much of a bother. Buy stainless knives for ones that will get stored and see little attention.

Both keep an edge well, but the CS will do it better.

For camping, I pack one of each, but carry the Light My Fire Swedish Fire Knife. It has a SS blade, but also has a firesteel built into the handle.
I appreciate good knives, and have ordered some custom ones. However, now my field blade is a Havalon. When it gets dull, I snap on another blade and keep working.
I like the hefty CS Mora High Q Robust. Less than $18 delivered stateside 2 days from AMAZON with free temporary (30 day) 'Prime' membership. Cancel within 30 days or they'll stick you for a year's membership - and you'll find yourself ordering stuff just to get free 2 day shipping, like vacuum cleaners, powered sub-woofers/main speakers, headphones, HKS speedloaders, lawn mowers, firearm safes, knives, etc... don't ask me how I know this! Decent selection of Mora's - watch the prices.

The ''Robust" is a .126" thick bladed CS knife - super deal.

The Mora Black in Carbon steel is very nice though I have to admit it is my first Mora. The blade is thicker than most (all?) and has a black protective coating on the blade that will wear on the bevel after heavy stropping.
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