Thieves Raid Fort Worth Gun Store

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Dec 24, 2002
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Thieves Raid Fort Worth Gun Store

Owner Upset With FWPD For What He Calls A Slow Response Time

Katherine Blake FORT WORTH (CBS 11 News) ― Dozens of weapons are in the wrong hands after thieves broke into a Fort Worth gun store Thursday.

"There's 16 cameras inside and 32 cameras outside the entire building," said DeWayne Irwin, the store owner.

Those cameras caught the thieves as they pried the doors open at Cheaper Than Dirt Adventures in north Fort Worth.

Their actions triggered the alarm, but the owner says his security company couldn't get the police department to respond.

The criminals kicked in a display case and filled a backpack with handguns.

"I asked her if she dispatched the police, and she said she called Fort Worth PD and our alarm was invalid or deleted or something," Irwin said.

But according to Irwin, his alarm permits are valid and up to date. He checked the security cameras on his laptop to make sure it wasn't a false alarm. Then he sent one of his employees to the store.

"In the meantime, I called Sonitrol back and said, 'Hey, there is a break in confirmed.' Well, 'They still won't respond because you don't have a...' So I called 911," he said.

Irwin said he drove more than 40 minutes from his home and still got to the store before officers arrived.

"I'm really down. I'm not wanting to throw them under the bus, but somewhere in the administration they need to get it straight," he said.

Irwin claimed the Fort Worth officers left before he could give them the serial numbers of the 19 handguns that were stolen.

No one from the police department was available to talk about the claims. But a spokesperson for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms said those serial numbers are now in a federal database.

"It's very important. These weapons are going into the criminal element, to drug dealers and to gang members," said ATF Special Agent Tom Crowley.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call the Fort Worth Police Department.
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